5 Tips For eCommerce Holiday Planning

tips for ecommerce holiday planning

The holiday is a golden opportunity for your eCommerce business to attract potential customers and enrich your profits. However, “no pain, no gain.” Some significant issues need to be carefully prepared for desirable holiday sales. Today, we are here to give you some prevailing obstacles, the reasons, and suitable ways to face them and thus help your eCommerce holiday planning become effective.   Shopping Cart Abandonment Risk While people seldom abandon their cart when shopping offline, 88.05% of online buyers drop out of their selected products without completed orders (Statista, 2020). The higher the shopping cart abandonment rate, the more dissatisfied the buyers are. That rate negatively affects your stock management, that is why we need to minimize cart abandonment to prepare for the successful holiday season. It means your customers have some barriers to buy your products.  There are some practical measures for cart abandonment reduction. Firstly, make your eCommerce site trustworthy by providing enough product information, a transparent and quick purchase procedure, and never requesting unnecessary personal information. Secondly, you can delete all the payment-related barriers like too few payment methods or too long progress. Last but not least, be a reminder if your shoppers plan to ignore their carts by the call-to-action statements or personalized emails.  Discount And Promotion Discount and promotion play a vital role in attracting more buyers. Special offers or limited offers will provoke the customers’ ambition, which can help them make the decision more quickly and thus increase your profits. You can also offer your old customers and subscribers cheap shipment fees and vouchers with more exceptional care.  A way to launch your engaging program in the holiday season is an advertisement campaign. Besides prevailing on social media, mass media with great banners, and colorful websites, you should notice the liability of your advertisement. The shoppers rarely accept to buy products from a liar company and even never come back to your shops. The misguided information will make your customers disappointed, and your company’s reputation will have a huge blemish.  Automation Application Optimization All your automatic applications need to be improved to prepare for the holiday season to ensure customers have a fulfilled experience. A large number of visitors will make your traffic slow down and thus cause some technical problems. That is a chance for hackers to attack their site, threaten cybersecurity, and steal your customers’ information. Moreover, low-quality sites and applications create many automatic errors, barriers to a smooth purchasing procedure, and order mistakes that lead to lousy productivity and profit reduction. Also, a long loading time makes shoppers feel irritated and tired. Your eCommerce automation applications must have stability, safe and robust ability to handle mass accesses.  You can initially choose the best suitable and compatible application like Atom8 to prevent the problems above in rush hours. Another way to optimize your application is an annual update based on customers’ feedback and have automatic error correction system. The vital point is that you don’t forget to pay more attention to your mobile app while many customers hunt for a bargain on their smartphones. Inventory Checking  Inventory is a vital source of your profits. Checking your inventory is a crucial element to prepare for the holiday season. Managing the quantity of the goods will help your holiday sell more smoothly, ensuring the buyers buy their favorite items effortlessly, thus hitting the revenue target. The best way to deal with out-of-stock products is using a back-order app on BigCommerce. This app will send your shoppers instant information when restocking and reduce the possibility of buying from your competitors. Also, it can set your refill plan automatically on a particular day and notify the customers with transparent information about the time delivery.  Reinforce Customers Support The more customers at the same time, the more problems arising. Some problems can be solved by automation applications, while some must be tackled by human effort.  Therefore, establishing and reinforcing the online customer support team to prepare for the holiday season is essential. Assisting at the right time will advance customer experience and motivate them to put your products in their carts.   Conclusion Crossing out all the eCommerce-related challenges to prepare for the holiday season seems impossible. However, you can still minimize and control them with our recommended approaches above with automation or backorder applications. The better you take advantage of our pieces of advice, the more profits you gain in holiday sales. We hope that your eCommerce store will obtain outstanding achievements in the upcoming holiday season.

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Year over year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to make Thanksgiving one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Amidst the endless sea of “best practices” and “easy tips and tricks,” you may easily get consumed with menial tasks that don’t make a real impact on your E-commerce business. And that’s where automation platforms come into play.

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