4 Restocking Strategies for Your Online Business

4 Restock Strategies for Your Online Business

Stock replenishment or inventory replenishment refers to the process of moving stock along the supply chain to ensure sufficient inventory is in stock to meet demand. Efficiently replenishing inventory is a critical process as it directly impacts customer satisfaction and a company’s profitability. There are four main methods businesses use to restock their inventory to […]

Online Business Beginner Tips

hands holding t-shirt for online business

This year, online business continues to emerge under the longing impact of the pandemic. Most of the businesses are switching to online platforms in exchange for or beside a physical store. However, to attain profit in this field, you have to follow certain strategies and rules.  Find your target customers Regardless of your operation, you […]

Pricing Strategies For Online Business

purple onions price tag pricing strategies

In an era of information floating, customers are becoming more and more price sensitive. They starting to compare how a product’s prices vary in-store and online. Without an intelligent pricing strategy, you might risk losing your customers.  In fact, statistics show that retailers with an effective price list strategy see a 2-5% increase in their […]

Best Backorder Practices for Online Business

a paper box containing clothes on backorder

One of the significant challenges of dropshipping is dealing with backorders. Failure to offer the best backorder practices can cost any eCommerce owner to lose customers, which might lead to a dip in sales. In the long run, it can also devastate your brand credibility.  If you are new in online business and don’t know […]

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