Order Management Guide for Online Businesses

an order of pink glasses and an orange bag

To build a profitable, sustainable, and scalable eCommerce business, you need to understand everything about management, be it the order, product, customer, or staff. There are many things to think about when it comes to ordering management. Notably, a minimal mistake would possibly cost you a fortune. That’s why a workable approach is important to […]

Small Business Automation Tips in 2021

A woman smilling to have business automation

COVID-19, despite all of its detrimental impacts, has signaled a positive trend within the eCommerce market with the witnessed growth of 4 to 6 years ahead of its time. The eternal quarantine has demanded small and medium enterprises (SME) to scale up their business to meet the increasing needs of customers who are unable to […]

eCommerce Order Fulfillment Challenges and Best Practices

A man using automation in fulfillment management

For online merchants, acquiring a customer is not yet the end. It’s just the beginning of the broader supply chain process: eCommerce Order Fulfillment. There are many moving pieces of the fulfillment workflow for an order to end up at the customer’s doorstep – including receiving inventory, warehousing products, picking and packing items, and shipping […]

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