How To Improve eCommerce Product Management With Automation

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The hardest part for eCommerce owners is how to get customers what they want at the right time. Only when the product management is effectively operated, can you achieve that. Technology has created new tools to develop a product management system that boosts customer value and product growth. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation can empower eCommerce businesses’ product management by saving time significantly and performing processes accurately. In this article, we will walk you through brilliant ways to leverage production management automation for your online store. What does eCommerce product management involve? eCommerce product management is a process that involves planning, developing, and launching, looking after all the marketing and customer necessities of the product as well as the overall experience of the store. It is a combination of a good business model, technology, and user experience. eCommerce product management not only creates a product vision and builds a strategic plan to market the product. It also takes care of the post-sales process, including sales performance, customer experience, and inventory stock.  Best ways to optimize eCommerce product management with automation Here’re ways automation can transform eCommerce product management, which you should focus on to improve how you manage your eCommerce products.  Launching new products A successful product launch campaign will bring back large sales for merchants and increase the brand’s reputation on the market. However, 95% of new product launches have failed. The reason is that businesses often make mistakes when presenting new products to consumers. Challenges: The success or failure of a new product depends on how merchants launch and market it. When a new product is released, merchants take a lot of time to announce customers. Automation is a powerful tool for online shops to make a successful product launching. You can send customers an email notification, offer them a discount to encourage them to go to your site and check it immediately. Furthermore, you can be more successful when offering these new products to customers who actually demand them. To do this, segment customers based on the kinds of products they used to buy first. Fortunately, automation can do the work for you very well. At the same time, you send an email to notify your customer service team of the product release to keep them in the flow. Additionally, automation helps you highlight new products on the storefront or a special category to make sure they get more attention. No matter what your strategy is, the first thing you need to do is to make potential customers notice it. When the promotion campaign ends, the products will be hidden from your storefront automatically.   For example (Atom8 Automation) Personalizing product catalog Offering different product attributes for specific targeted groups of customers is crucial to provide a personalized and seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. You cannot feed different visitors the same things. With B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses, you need to create an exclusive catalog with a price list or just a related catalog for each consumer. Challenges Keeping product lists updated online. Managing product listings. Now, automation enables you to personalize your product catalogs much easier than ever. You can automatically create a personalized category in terms of product recommendations. The information data source of your customers is from previous purchases they made. You can use it to set up an automation workflow to send them an email offering items as relevant as possible. For example Tracking product performance Tracking the performance of individual products is a great metric when you compare individual product conversions against product page traffic. You could not only spot the popular or trending products but also know the under-performers. Looking at this figure, you can look into individual barriers that impact conversions such as price, product images, descriptions, etc., and adjust your strategy accordingly. Challenges: Tracking the performance of products is not easy, especially for eCommerce stores with a huge SKU inventory. This automation workflow will help you track your product performance effectively because it both tracks, exports performance results to a spreadsheet for easy analysis and notify you when the product is prevailing or less attentive. Collecting product feedback Why is collecting feedback vital? Because every business wants to keep customers happy with stellar products. It helps you delve deeper into product features and the customer’s overall experience with your brand. So you know where and how to improve. Challenges: Checking and contacting customers manually is not productive. More attention to order details is required. Not all customers agree to give business feedback. Solution by automation: Use automation to automatically send an email to collect product feedback from customers whenever they purchase your products. After that, it will auto-offer a discount. If they join in, then automatically send them a discount code for thank-you via email. Wrapping up Your store’s abilities to empower consumers and evoke emotional connections by leveraging creative appeal will comprise crucial competitive advantages in modern eCommerce. Product management with automation can be a powerful catalyst to accomplish it. Want to know how to choose the right automation tool for your eCommerce product management? Schedule a FREE demo with us today.

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