10 best Shopify wholesale apps

There is nothing wrong when saying that using wholesale apps is the easiest and most effective way to enhance your revenue. What is even more impressive is that you can actually multiply your revenue, but do not have to spend too much money to get customers. In this article, we have listed the top 10 Shopify wholesale apps. 10 best Shopify wholesale apps Wholesale Hero Wholesale Hero developed by Booster Apps is an app that allows you to have your wholesale and retail customers order from one store. As a matter of fact, it can really save you time and effort. This is a full-featured Shopify wholesale app that specially acquires automatic tagging and variant pricing. With a price of %39.99 per month and you can have 7 days on trial, pretty good deal for any owner to consider. Wholesaler In case you have a lot of potential leads but normally you will have to list out yourself to choose, then check this app. Wholesaler helps you to select which customer can access wholesale pricing. It is easy to use and has features like tax/shipping overrides and NET/TERMS checkout. It is free to install but charges 2% on wholesale orders. Wholesale Club This app was created and developed by Pixel Union. Wholesale Club will help you to limit your discounts to opted collections and products solely. In addition, another interesting feature is that this app provides you with tons of pricing points or members-only pricing functions.  It will cost you $24 per month for a 300 monthly orders cap, and if you want unlimited orders, the price will go to $49 per month. A 7-day free trial is available like other apps also. Bold Custom Pricing This is one of the most flexible apps as it has auto and very simple tagging, also automated rules setting features. Depending on the time spent in the store, Bold Custom Pricing will also help you to move your customers up different levels. The cost for each month’s plan will be $29.99 and a $49.99 per month plan. Unlike other apps, you can try for free in 2 weeks before deciding.  Spocket It is a wholesale drop shipping app with an impressive function that allows the app to update inventory automatedly. It syncs well with Oberlo, Loox, Printful, Kit, and other plugins.  This app offers 3 prices according to 3 plans including $9 per month, $49 per month and $99 per month.  Atom8 Atom8 on Shopify is an app that helps you to automate the operational activities in your shop. It can automate website editing, all the work that takes lots of time like inventory management, content management, order management, customer management, email marketing. Discover Atom8’s features here: In Cart Upsell  As the name suggests, this app lets you increase the average order value by offering your customers targeted upsell offers. Three types of plan are proposed with free, a $14 per month plan and $39 per month premium plans. Quick Order The name reveals it all. This app allows customers to quickly and easily get all products from a single page. Besides that, this also has a product review function that can help your consumers have more information regarding what they want to buy. The price is $9.99 per month with a 30-day free trial.  Wholesale2b Dropshipping This dropshipping allows you to import and dropship your inventory on a wholesale basis. Real-time inventory updates as well as tracking are available. As a starter, you have 7 days of free trial, then you will have to pay $29.99 monthly. Chinabrands Dropshipping This one is a bit more specific. If you do business in China, you can drop-ship items from China in wholesale and retail. It automatically gives a real-time update to inventory. Conclusion Above is the list of 10 best Shopify wholesale apps that you can refer to depending on each of the demands and wishes you have with your store. Some of them have similar functionality so be careful to consider the cost and other side functions you want to use.

Top 12 BigCommerce Wholesale Apps – Update 2024

BigCommerce wholesalers usually face challenges to run their eCommerce business due to the large size and complicated operation. The difficulty of business tasks may be alleviated if they have many laborers to help. However, they can not afford the labor cost. That is why the Bigcommerce wholesale app has become an ideal option for these merchants. Our article today will go through the 12 best applications that can be must-have companions for BigCommerce sellers.  Best 12 Apps On BigCommerce For Wholesalers Atom8 B2B – BigCommerce Wholesale App Operating a large-sized business like wholesalers may be overwhelmed by various business tasks. That is why they need Atom8 B2B – BigCommerce Wholesale App a multi-task solver. Atom8 B2B can automatically handle all the processes related to ordering classification, customer segmentation, banner ads or content publishing, discount setting up, etc.  The multi-function of Atom8 will help you reduce a lot of time and cost, simplify the operations as you only need to add Atom8 to your Bigcommerce store, and choose pre-built workflows or customized ones.  Moreover, while you do not directly perform business tasks, you can totally control and keep track of them via real-time notifications and data on a SpreadSheet generated by Atom8. Despite its outstanding features, this BigCommerce wholesale app is really easy to use, and you do not need to spend too much time getting acquainted.  BigCommerce BackOrder BigCommerce BackOrder is extremely well-known to Bigcommerce wholesalers as it can solve the common problems related to inventory which happens frequently at eCommerce stores: out-of-stock. This application can allow your customers to buy products even when they are unavailable. This approach has been undertaken by many wholesalers as it can rescue the out-of-stock revenue, avoid making customers disappointed and maintain customer relationships.  This BigCommerce wholesale app is also a great selection for low-cost businesses because the wholesalers do not pay any stocking expenses. To activate this app, the Bigcommerce merchants need to pre-set all products as BackOrder, and when they are sold old, they are automatically changed into backorder status.  QuickShop QuickShop app’s features are specialized for Bigcommerce wholesalers. With a big landing page, you can put up to 50 products on it and change the limitation of the number of products displayed as you want.  QuickShop allows customers to quickly buy as the buyers can come to your shop, then select kinds of goods and type the quantity instead of clicking too many times. Also, this Bigcommerce wholesale app is equipped with outstanding filters that help you and your customers easily find products, including, Wishlist Products Filter, Category Filter, and Products Sorting.  Maybe you have various customer groups so you can allow some suitable groups to use QuickShop by setting into store admin or allow all of them to use this app by clicking the “for everyone” button. MinMax Order Limits According to its name, MinMax Order Limits is a BigCommerce wholesale app that can help you control the maximum and minimum value of each order. You may wonder why we need to set the floor and ceiling order value and quantities. The reason is pretty clear as limit numbers will help you make sure the order’s value and quantities are always in this range and manage the inventory easier.  B2B Ninja Quote Request B2B Ninja Quote Request is a quoting application that contains a general dashboard, where the sellers can manage, check and create a quotation. Also, this BigCommerce wholesale app is fully integrated with Bigcommerce, able to run smoothly on this eCommerce platform, and supports all-sized enterprises.  B2B Ninja Quote Request can support various users and follow up their quotation status. It will allow you to track the history of quotation-related activities, including when it is opened and who opened it.  Moreover, the business runners can easily attach an HTML quotation and a copy PDF file into emails, and then the receiver can open, download and save it again. B2B Ninja Quote also provides you with a huge quantity of attractive templates and you can freely choose one for your own business. Bulk Order & Wholesale Bulk Order & Wholesale comes with a product page when the customers can find, select and make orders with two view options: list and grid. It provides traditional tools like displaying by keywords, category filters that can be customized based on customers’ needs.  This Bigcommerce wholesale app can group products into different price ranges that can be adjusted quickly and easily.  Moreover, it also allows you to set the minimum quantities for some product lines and personalize discount programs for different customer groups. Sufio Invoices Your invoice creation is no longer a difficult task with Sufio Invoices. This BigCommerce wholesale app can help you automatically generate invoices and send them to your eCommerce stores with impressive design and match legally with the national standard in more than 50 countries. You can use pre-built invoice templates or customize them.  Also, it helps you to create additional paperwork like pro forma invoices, quotes, etc. Sufio Invoice is extremely suitable with the global marketplace as it can create invoices based on the currency buyers use to pay for orders, comply with a lot of countries’ accounting legislation, and is available for nearly 40 languages.  Veratad Age Verification Grouping customers into different age groups is fundamental for wholesale businesses to develop other strategies, and Veratad Age Verification is a BigCommerce wholesale app that will help you do so. Based on what customers have ordered, this app can verify their age immediately at the order submission step.  However, if it still can not decide the accurate age, you may need to choose requests for specific information by your own forms to make it easier for you to define customers’ ages and for your customers to feel comfortable sharing their personal information. Another way to verify age is manually examining government-issued ID. Form Builder Form Builder is a multi-functional BigCommerce wholesale app that can be used to form anything, such as invoices, quotations, contacts forms, etc, to help you

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