Why wholesale business should launch an eCommerce channel

wholesale ecommerce

If your business doesn’t have a home online, then you haven’t started. It is a necessity to have your business online because the opportunities online are numerous. For wholesalers, they need retailers to gain online visibility, drive customer attention, brand awareness, and boost sales. Well, wholesalers have tremendous potential to take their business to the […]

How to manage inventory effectively

How to manage inventory effectively

Inventory management is a supply chain management module involving the tracking of goods entering and leaving the warehouse. An inventory management well-informed strategy is when you have stock on hand, you know how much to order, your merchandise shipping date, and lots more. How to manage inventory effectively is a must to know to get […]

Top BigCommerce order management app

Top BigCommerce order management apps

Using an order management process can cause you repeated sales. Imagine having a payment or shipment error; it will leave a bitter experience for your customer. It is one of those experiences that will hunt you. More than 58% of customers stop buying a product from a merchant because of a single negative experience. If […]

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