Customer Retention Strategies For Business Growth

As a business owner, your biggest asset is your customers. The obsession with lead generation and sales will lead nowhere if you don’t create a system of customer retention. It’s great to get a new lead, but retaining existing customers should also be a priority. Several studies have shown that more than 70% of sales […]

Inventory Control Tips For Backorder Management

inventory control tips

To have effective inventory control, you need to create a balance between minimizing the cost of holding a lot of inventory stock while maintaining adequate stocks for your customers’ demand. In most cases, out-of-stock orders can lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. However, imagine having a customer order that can be filled later? What if […]

Necessary preparations for managing backorders

Necessary preparations for managing backorders

Imagine this situation where you a product that is selling high and customers are praising you for it. Suddenly, the demand kept increasing in such a manner that you can’t cope. It is bad news when you can’t meet the demand of your customer. What if you tell you to order and get it later? […]

Best Sales Practices for eCommerce Stores

boxes of cereal in a supermarket

Best sales practices are always important for business growth. Recent projections have shown that eCommerce retail sales will grow to over $7 trillion by 2022. If you’re running online, try your best to seduce the opportunity. If you don’t, it is time to take a cue. As the competition becomes fiercer, online businesses need the […]

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