Best Sales Practices for eCommerce Stores

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Best sales practices are always important for business growth. Recent projections have shown that eCommerce retail sales will grow to over $7 trillion by 2022. If you’re running online, try your best to seduce the opportunity. If you don’t, it is time to take a cue.

As the competition becomes fiercer, online businesses need the most effective tactics to boost sales and to compete in a competitive eCommerce market. To stand out, you need much more than a product. In this post, you will learn the best practice to boost your eCommerce sales without stress.

Best sales practices for 2021

Use better image quality

Who took the images for your product? Was it random staff or a professional? If your pictures don’t look attractive, it is time to replace them with quality ones. In fact, stores with high-quality images saw their sales improved by 9.5%. These images have a product description, which contributed to these staggering figures.

You need high-quality product pictures because they possess the first impression of your store. If you have observed, most customers will zoom the images to see the product closely. High-quality pictures improve your conversion rate.

Write a good product description

Besides the image quality, the product description is also equally important. Customers always want to know the functions and variants of a product as well as how it should be used. Make sure to create an exciting product description that will speak to their mind about the product.

Responsive websites

Nowadays, most shopping takes place through mobile devices. About 25% of revenues eCommerce sites generate comes from mobile devices. Therefore, to give users a seamless shopping experience, you need to provide a responsive website.

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To do that, you need a responsive website on both mobile and window platforms. You don’t want to frustrate your customers whenever they visit your store. Additionally, Google ranks websites that are responsive higher.

Website loading speed

With everyone trying to get things fast, a slow-loading website will negatively affect your business. About 49% of online shoppers want website pages loaded in less than 3 seconds. Anything beyond that results in a reduction in your conversion rate. Therefore, one of the best practices to boost your sales in 2021 is to get a fast-loading website.

Inspire trust on your website

People these days are conscious about online shopping because of the rising fraudulent activities taking place online. To assure your customers of your originality and authenticity, you need to instill trust when visiting your website. Here, you can use trust badges, press, reviews, testimonies, and phone numbers. Furthermore, you can also provide a personal address to boost your sale.

Answer relevant questions 

Don’t assume your customers know everything. Instead, provide frequently asked questions about your store, delivery dates, shipping policy, and much more. You need to be transparent in every transaction and offer a relevant solution when required. With this, your customers will love and trust you.

Include free shipping when possible

Shipping fee is the most concerning issue for online shoppers, which frequently hinders them from buying the product. Therefore, one of the best sales practices is to loosen this issue. To handle this, you can create free shipping based on purchases on a particular amount. The idea is to encourage them to make more purchases in exchange for free shipping. 

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Automate your sales strategies

Whatever tactics you are using, it is daunting to manually conduct every task one by one. Instead, set up workflow automation to run the program for you. This way, you only need to prepare the content without worrying about the date and time of operation.

For example, say you’re going to publish new arrival products on Sunday. First, update the pictures and description on your store dashboard. Then set up the time and date in which you want them to be aboard and the app will do the rest.

workflow to auto-publish product under sales categories

Final notes

All in all, it’s noteworthy that a single practice can’t exert the maximum impact. Rather, combine these strategies with your customer understanding. This will enable you to accelerate our performance and outweigh your competitors. 



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