What Is SKU Profitability?

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SKU profitability reporting allows merchants to analyze how one product is performing compared to the others. Many companies make the costly mistake of concentrating solely on increasing sales. Even if you’re achieving your sales targets, mismanagement, overstocking, and high shipping or service costs can put you out of business. The most significant factor is profitability, […]

How To Migrate To BigCommerce From Magento

two women looking at the laptop to migrate their store to BigCommerce

Are you thinking of switching from Magento to BigCommerce because your platform isn’t cutting out anymore? The BigCommerce system is cheaper and more convenient for merchants with limited technological capability, making it the perfect platform to migrate to. This requires a new design, development, and a few third-party tools. However, your store would eventually operate […]

A Brief Guide To eCommerce Delivery

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“What types of shipping methods should I offer?” you might ask. The more eCommerce delivery options you have, the more likely your customer will complete order in your store.   Here’s an overview of five standard e-commerce delivery options to consider for your customers. Types of delivery options Same-day delivery This method allows customers to receive […]

How To Plan An eCommerce Migration

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Even if you’re well aware of the flaws within your website, you might hesitate to relocate your website. eCommerce migration can be expensive and time-consuming, and the main question is whether it’s all worth it arises. When looking for a new solution, there are several things to consider: do you go with a headless commerce […]

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