9 Best Automation Apps For Shopify Stores

As an entrepreneur, you are too busy with getting the task done on time. And there’s only that many hours a day. Thus, the only thing you can do to boost efficiency is to make every hour more productive. This is why having the best automation apps are one of the most important determinants of your success, as they allow launching actions according to the pre-recorded time and procedure.

Yet how do you know which tools are well-suited for your team?

Before choosing a tool, it is essential to have full insights on how your team is working, which processes you’re going through, and what bottlenecks are holding you back.

Shopify App Store consists of more than 1000 software with multiple features. This huge number can confuse any user if you have not thoroughly understood their differences. To help store owners make a wise decision, we shortlist them to 10 apps in terms of conversion optimization, marketing, inventory management, and so on.

Also – we’ve added a bonus app that enables you to automate and integrate all the apps you use every day!

Marketing automation apps

1. Klaviyo

40% of customers would buy more from a retailer who personalizes their shopping experience. Klaviyo offers a means to keep in touch with customers via shopping cart abandonment reminders and newsletters. With listening tools and best-in-class segmentation, each email is personalized based on any characteristics, event, metric, and even location, allowing buyers to relate themselves to the brand.

Klaviyo email marketing automation for Shopify stores

Key features:

  • Multiple channels integration such as Facebook, ShipStation, Yotpo, Privy, etc in one marketing workflow
  • Use Flow Builder to automate messages across the customer journeys and pre-built template to optimize testing and distributing
  • Detailed analytics into every single campaign

Price: Free

2. Omnisend

Started as a solution for email marketing, nowadays Omnisend has added more channels to their app, ranging from push notifications to SMS, Facebook message, and so on. It has become one of the best marketing automation apps for Shopify merchants.

Instead of sending out every single email, your staff can set up automated workflows to communicate with your customers. This way your team can save time and resources and focus on leveraging your revenue.

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Omisend marketing automation for Shopify stores

Key features:

  • Easy drag-and-drop email builder and a bunch of ready-made templates
  • Smart segmentation based on customers’ shopping behavior and other properties for maximum target precision
  • Integrate SMS and push notifications with your email to provide an omnichannel customer experience


  • Free: 15.000 emails per month
  • Best value: $99 per month allowing for 15.000 emails, web push notifications, advanced reports, customer success managers, and so on.

Sales channel optimization apps

3. Google Shopping

Google Shopping integrates your Shopify store with Google Merchant Centre to display your product wherever your customers, be it Youtube, Gmail, Search, or across the Display Network.

Google Shopping sales channel for Shopify stores

Key features:

  • Sync the products in your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Centre to create a Google Product Feed. Any change in your Shopify store will result in an automatic update in the Google Merchant Centre.
  • Smart Shopping campaign that automatically optimizes the time and places your ads are shown in accordance with your daily budget

Price: Free

4. Buy Button Channel

Buy Button allows you to create a buy button for any product and add to your Shopify store. With this button, you can direct your customers to checkout pages or link it to any email, direct message, or social media post.

BuyButton sales channel automation for Shopify store

Key features:

  • Create a buy button with custom fonts, colors, and layouts
  • Create fast and easy checkout links to promote the product
  • Track sales using Home sales overview and Analytics page

Price: Free

Customer service automation apps


YOTPO customer service automation for Shopify stores

One way to make your brand stand out among competitors is to generate positive reviews from your customers. The more appreciation you have, the higher trust shoppers have in your brand, and the higher traffic and conversion you might drive.

YOTPO is a leading eCommerce platform that has helped many brands like Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, and Steve Madden to collect reviews, ratings, and user-generated content.

Key features:

  • Collect product reviews, ratings, site reviews, and photos using automatic review emails or directly on-site Reviews Widget
  • Showcase customer reviews, photos, and Q&A on your homepage, product pages, at checkout, and across your social channels
  • Import your existing reviews only  with a single click
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  • Free plan including all basic feature
  • Growth plan starting at $19 per month

6. Tidio

Would you want to attract more customers? Do you like to capture customers’ interest whenever you go to your store? Or do you want to take full advantage of this marketing form? Tidio is among the best automation apps that integrate live chat, Bots, and marketing automation to meet the needs of the most demanding Shopify owners.

Tidio customer service automation for Shopify stores

Key features:

  • 24/7 response to your customers with the help of Bots
  • Always able to thank your customers via email or Messenger integration
  • Instant set up with modern widget design that suits any website


  • Free basic plan
  • Paid plan depends on the communication channel

Order and delivery management automation apps

7. ShipStation

ShipStation powers shipping success of all kinds, regardless of location, means, and product sizes. It implements global delivery from Shopify store to end consumers via 40+ carrier services across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

In just a few clicks, you can import the data and have your product transferred to every customer. By automating this product, ShipStation frees up your time to spend on business growth instead of sourcing and shipping product.

ShipStation order and delivery management for Shopify stores

Key features:

  • Combine, split, edit, and filter orders according to product details such as item use, SKU, weight, and images
  • Add multiple delivery options to your website so that your customers can choose their preferred shipping method
  • Connect with your customers after purchase via tracking page and return portals


  • Starter plan costs $9 per month limited by 50 shipments each
  • Most popular is the $69 gold plan allowing for 3.000 shipments per month, up to 3 users, and community support service

8. Aftership

Aftership is one of the best automation apps in terms of delivery management. With it, you can create a custom branded order tracking page and send notifications to update your customers with the delivery status until they receive it. Surely what you need to leverage your customer service!

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Key features:

  • Show product recommendations and latest order status to impress and upsell customers
  • Auto-notify customers about the tracking update in real-time with a branded template
  • Track and trace all shipments across 700+ carriers worldwide in one place


  • Free to install with a limitation of 50 shipments per month
  • Most popular: Pro plan of $199 per month

Aftership delivery management for Shopify stores

To make the most of them all: Ergo

All above mentioned are outstanding on their own. However, they often have to communicate with each other to exchange customer data and automate some trivial tasks.

With Ergo Automation, this procedure becomes easier than ever.

Ergo is a SaaS that helps optimize your business by reorganizing tasks, streamlining processes, and feeding data to other customer-facing applications such as Mailchimp, Google Sheet, or ShipStation. It empowers you to be more productive while having the app taken over repetitive operational work.

So set up your workflow once and free your team from manual data entry and other unproductive tasks.

Ergo workflow automation template for Shopify stores

How Ergo helps you get your work done

  • Auto-publish products
  • Auto-categorize orders (based on value, locations, etc)
  • Auto-segment customer (based on demographics, spending, the total number of orders, etc)
  • Auto-tag customers on CRM, email marketing, and delivery platforms
  • Auto-generate reports & lists on Google Sheet
  • Auto-notify of low-stock items, abandoned cart, or high-value orders
  • Auto-detect and halt high-risk orders

In this turbulent time, business productivity is more of a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. Having the best automation apps not only saves time but also lets your team focus more on activities that would exert real impacts on your performance. Automate all processes with Ergo now:

internal CTA ergo atom8 1

Ergo makes store management tasks effortless by automation.

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