Atom8 vs Product Merchandiser – Best Tool for BigCommerce Product Merchandising

Atom8 vs Product Merchandiser - Best Tool for BigCommerce Product Merchandising

The art of presenting products enticingly and strategically can significantly influence customer engagement and conversion rates. To excel in this domain, specialized tools have stepped onto the stage, offering BigCommerce store owners the means to elevate their product presentation to new heights. In this article, we’ll draw a picture of the significance of product merchandising, introduce two powerful tools, Atom8 and Product Merchandiser for BigCommerce, and compare their features to determine the ultimate choice for optimizing your product display.

Introducing the Art of Product Merchandising

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, where visual experiences drive buying decisions, product merchandising takes center stage. How products are displayed can differentiate between a casual visitor and a satisfied customer. Effective merchandising highlights the features and benefits of products and guides customers through their journey, making it easier for them to find what they need.

However, achieving top-tier product presentation requires more than just aesthetic appeal. This is where specialized tools come into play, offering BigCommerce store owners the means to enhance their product merchandising efforts and create an engaging and practical shopping experience.

Tool 1: Atom8 for BigCommerce Product Merchandising

Atom8’s impact on BigCommerce product merchandising is nothing short of transformative, offering a fusion of automation, artificial intelligence, and data-driven insights that revolutionize how products are displayed and curated.

The Power of Automation 

Atom8 vs Product Merchandiser - Best Tool for BigCommerce Product Merchandising

Atom8’s prowess lies in its seamless automation integration. This combination infuses product merchandising with an unprecedented level of sophistication and adaptability. Atom8 intelligently analyzes many data points through automation, including customer behavior, interactions, and historical preferences. This real-time data-driven approach empowers the tool to adjust dynamic product placements, ensuring that the most relevant and compelling items take center stage.

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With Atom8 Automation, merchants can perform product merchandising based on various triggers and conditions. For example, you can change a product sorting level based on its order amount, product category, or time-based events. Atom8 also helps stores save time by reverting merchandising actions after a sales period or other conditions. 

Unveiling Data-Driven Insights

Atom8 doesn’t merely optimize product placements based on automation and AI; it provides a wealth of data-driven insights that inform your merchandising strategies. By tapping into comprehensive data analytics, Atom8 equips you with a deep understanding of customer interactions, preferences, and engagement levels. This treasure trove of information enables informed decision-making, allowing you to refine your product presentation strategies for maximum impact.

Imagine the power of aligning your product displays with the products your customers are actively seeking or repositioning items based on trends on the horizon. Atom8’s data-driven insights empower you to craft product presentations that are not just visually appealing but strategically attuned to customer demand.

Personalization on a New Level

Atom8 vs Product Merchandiser - Best Tool for BigCommerce Product Merchandising

Atom8’s ability to dynamically adjust product placements based on real-time data has profound implications for personalization. The tool enables you to curate product displays that resonate uniquely with individual customers, creating tailored shopping experiences even within a more extensive customer base. By leveraging data on past purchases, browsing history, and preferences, Atom8 ensures that each customer is presented with products that align with their interests.

This personalized touch goes beyond traditional segmentation and elevates product merchandising to a new level of individualized engagement. Atom8 enables businesses to connect with customers on a deeper level, making each visit to your BigCommerce store a uniquely relevant experience.

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Tool 2: Product Merchandiser for BigCommerce

Amidst the dynamic realm of BigCommerce product merchandising, Product Merchandiser emerges as a versatile and user-centric tool that places the power of strategic presentation directly in the hands of store owners. This tool is designed to empower businesses with an intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities that enhance the control and customization of product displays. 

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

Product Merchandiser’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface is a game-changer in product presentation. The tool’s intuitive design allows BigCommerce store owners to rearrange the order in which products are displayed effortlessly. This dynamic manipulation ensures product displays can be optimized on the fly, effortlessly adapting to changing trends or promotional strategies.

Imagine elevating specific products to prominent positions during a seasonal sale or effortlessly rearranging items to reflect new arrivals. Product Merchandiser’s drag-and-drop interface empowers you to align your displays with your marketing initiatives and customer preferences with remarkable simplicity.

Streamlined Batch Editing

Atom8 vs Product Merchandiser - Best Tool for BigCommerce Product Merchandising

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, keeping product information up-to-date is crucial. Product Merchandiser simplifies this process by offering streamlined batch editing capabilities. This means you can simultaneously update attributes, descriptions, and other relevant information for multiple products. This saves time and effort, ensuring your product displays remain accurate and engaging.

Whether introducing a new line of products or refining existing listings, product merchandiser’s batch editing functionality becomes indispensable in maintaining consistency and relevancy in your product presentation.

Rule-Based Display Customization

Customization is the heart of effective product merchandising, and product merchandiser takes customization to new heights with its rule-based display capabilities. The tool empowers businesses to define specific rules that govern how products are displayed based on various conditions. These conditions could include sales status, availability, popularity, or any other attribute that aligns with your merchandising strategy.

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Comparison of Features 

As the contenders—Atom8 and Product Merchandiser—prepare to duke it out in the ring of BigCommerce product merchandising, comparing their distinctive features becomes paramount.


  • Harnesses the power of automation and AI to optimize product placements in response to real-time customer behavior.
  • Adapts dynamically to evolving trends and customer preferences, ensuring an ever-relevant product presentation.
  • Provides comprehensive insights into customer interactions and product performance, driving data-driven decision-making.

Product Merchandiser:

  • Offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for effortless rearrangement and manipulation of product displays.
  • Simplifies batch editing, facilitating the bulk update of product attributes and placements.
  • Empower businesses to define customized product display rules, offering unparalleled control over strategic presentation.


Whether your path leads you towards the dynamic adaptability of Atom8’s automation and data-driven insights or the hands-on control offered by the product merchandiser’s interface, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of product presentation. Contact us to embark on a journey where bigCommerce product merchandising becomes an art form that translates into exceptional business outcomes.


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