Best Strategies to Segment Customers for BigCommerce Stores

Best Strategies to Segment Customers for BigCommerce Stores

For BigCommerce stores, separating customers into groups is a great way to give each group of customers exactly what they want. This makes customers happier and helps you make more sales. In this blog post, we will look at the best ways for BigCommerce stores to BigCommerce segment customers into useful groups. Doing this well can really help your online store grow and keep customers coming back.

Why is it Important to BigCommerce Segment Customers?

Customer segmentation means dividing your customers into smaller groups based on what they have in common. This is better than treating all customers the same way. It allows businesses to create messages and experiences that specific groups of customers will connect with.

The main benefit of segmenting customers is personalization. When you understand what different groups of customers like, how they behave, and what they need, you can give them experiences that make them feel valued and understood. Personalization increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Segmenting customers also allows for smarter marketing. By focusing your marketing efforts on the groups most likely to buy, you spend your marketing budget wisely and get a better return on your investment. This targeted approach means you don’t waste resources on campaigns that only some customers care about.

Techniques for BigCommerce Segment Customers

By Demographics

Demographic segmentation means grouping customers based on basic traits like age, gender, income, and where they live. This gives you a good starting point to understand the core characteristics of your customers. In BigCommerce stores, you can use demographic data that customers provide when checking out or creating an account.

For example, if you sell products for different age groups, demographic segmentation lets you create marketing messages that will connect with each age group. Similarly, tailoring promotions based on location can be an effective way to localize your marketing for specific regions.

The key idea is that segmenting customers by demographics like age, gender, income, and location allows you to better understand and reach the different types of customers you have. You can then customize your marketing approach for each demographic segment.

By Behaviors

Behavioral segmentation looks at how customers actually act and interact with your store. This includes things like what they’ve purchased before, how they browse your site, and how engaged they are with your emails. In a BigCommerce store, you can gather this kind of data through analytics tools and customer tracking.

For example, if you notice a group of customers often abandon their shopping carts before buying, you can set up automated email campaigns offering them discounts to try to win them back. Behavioral segmentation also lets you identify your most loyal customers so you can give them exclusive offers or rewards.

BigCommerce segment customers should be based on their actual behaviors and interactions with your business – not just basic traits like demographics. Understanding these behaviors allows you to tailor your approach for different customer segments based on how they uniquely act and engage with your store.

By Location

Another common way to group customers is by where they are located. Customers in different cities or regions may have different needs, problems, and preferences. By grouping customers based on their geographic location, businesses can understand these varying needs better and develop suitable solutions.

For example, a shipping company may need to have multiple warehouses in big cities to ensure fast deliveries, compared to smaller towns where having just one warehouse is enough.

By Customer Value

Grouping customers based on their value or potential value to the business is one of the most important ways to BigCommerce segment customers. These value-based groups serve several key purposes:

  • They help identify your most profitable customers as well as customers who could become highly valuable with the right marketing approach.
  • Once you’ve identified the high-value segments, you can analyze their characteristics, behaviors, and interests to better understand how to meet their needs and deliver exceptional experiences.
  • Value-based segmentation also guides how to allocate your marketing budget efficiently by focusing on the highest-value customer groups.

Automation and Personalization

One of the great things about modern eCommerce is the ability to automate personalized marketing for different customer segments. With the right tools, BigCommerce stores can integrate automation platforms that trigger specific actions based on how customers behave and what segments they fall into.

For instance, you can set up automated email campaigns that send product recommendations to customers based on their previous purchases or the items they’ve viewed on your site. These personalized recommendations connect with their interests and make it more likely they’ll make another purchase.

The key is using automation to efficiently deliver tailored marketing experiences to distinct customer segments without having to do everything manually. By setting up automated workflows tuned to different segments’ behaviors and traits, you can personalize the marketing while saving valuable time and effort.

Atom8 B2B – The Key Solution to BigCommerce Segment Customers

For BigCommerce merchants serving B2B customers, Atom8 B2B from Grit Global provides a powerful solution to segment your customer base effectively. The app goes beyond basic company address details by capturing rich additional information about your business buyers. It leverages advanced segmentation capabilities to group companies based on shared customer characteristics, buying behaviors, and purchase patterns.

Businesses can tailor their pricing and policies with precision by setting custom discount thresholds, minimum order quantities, and other rules for each defined segment. Deliver a truly personalized experience with segment-specific catalogs, pricing, and promotions. The app helps to automate vital sales workflows like quoting, sales staff assignment, and hands-free company approval processes.

This powerful BigCommerce wholesale app streamlines operations, enhances customer experiences, and unlocks new revenue opportunities through intelligent customer segmentation. As a result, stores can gain a competitive edge by treating their B2B buyers as unique segments rather than a monolithic group.

In Conclusion

While it takes work, effective segmentation pays off through increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. BigCommerce automation tools like Atom8 and Atom8 B2B will help you execute personalized campaigns efficiently.

If you need help with BigCommerce segment customers effectively, contact us. The experts from Grit Global will guide you in using the right techniques to build lasting personalized connections with customers.


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