5 Magento B2B Best Practices

magento b2b best practices

Boosting B2B Magento performance is always a desirable goal of business runners. However, it is not easy to find the most suitable practices for each business, that can increase revenues, maximize profits, attract a lot of customers and help the staff stay productive. To alleviate that concern, our article today will suggest 5 Magento B2B best practices which can strengthen your operation.

Top 5 Magento B2B Approaches

Optimize Product Catalog

A product catalog is a place where the customers can find their expected items and place orders. To support the customers and speed up their searching process, the sellers should allow customers to find products by keywords, product name or other ways, allowing them to take advantage of filters and product sorting. Moreover, you should use a product catalog for upselling and cross-selling to help the customers find more related products and have more options to make the best decision.

Enrich Web Content

Your web content should be invested with exact product descriptions, high-quality blogs, engaging posts and necessary contact information. Your content should bring customers reliable information and address their concerns. To generate suitable posts, you should research to find out which topics the customers pay a lot of attention to, which information they want to know, which issues are on-trend and so on. To improve the post quality and bring it closer to the customers, you need to improve SEO, including on-site and off-site SEO.

Offer Self-Service

One of the B2B trends in 2021 is self-service; therefore, you should allow customers to select products, place orders, choose shipping services and finish the payment by themselves. All you need to do is suggesting them related options to help them find the most suitable options. Moreover, you may need to stay there and support them whenever they need via chatbot and instant message. 

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Take Advantage B2B platform

When you feel the Magento B2B business tasks are too complicated, using B2B platform can help you a lot in improving your operation and productivity. For example, the Magento B2B platform can transform your current website into B2B with B2B account, catalog access restriction and custom pricing. Moreover, with this platform, you can take advantage of some B2B powerful features such as bulk orders, quotes, B2B payment methods, etc. Also, you will not need to worry about your productivity. As this application can help you to automate your business tasks and boost effectiveness with pre-built workflows

Simplify Ordering Process

The time-consuming and sophisticated ordering process can make the customer become impatient and increase shopping cart abandonment. Therefore, you may need to shorten the ordering process, reduce unnecessary tasks and speed up page response. For instance, you can take advantage of some quick order extensions to make B2B buyers’ order procedures more convenient. With annual customers, you can save their order information, payment selection to pre-set instead of waiting for them to enter all the information one more time when buying again.


Have you found out the best-fitted for your business? We are looking forward to your achievements with those Magento B2B best practices above.


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