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.Choosing the best-fitted Magento 2 quote extension for your store among various options on the app markets may cause headaches for the Magento sellers. To help them have enough information to make decisions, we have searched and collected useful descriptions about the 5 hottest quote extensions in this article. 

5 Best Quote Extensions For Your Magento 2 Store


Mageplaze provides chances for Magento buyers to request quotes for their favorite items or all the products they want to buy. The sellers will receive the request, take time to consider and discuss it with the customers.

This quote extension allows both customers and sellers to negotiate via a mutual reply to find the most suitable prices for them. If the prices in the quote cart are not acceptable, the Magento sellers can refuse by canceling the requests. Whenever they reach a price agreement, the customers can buy with the negotiated prices and thus the stores can enhance sales, customers satisfaction and reduce customer churn rate


Aheadworks was trusted by thousands of users as this Magento quote extension is an optimal solution for B2B negotiation. It concurrently creates chances for customers to buy products at the cheapest prices and allow sellers to gain expected profits. When using this extension, the sellers do not need to handle and solve the quote request manually. They can set the standard and criteria for the acceptable quotes and Aheanworks can automatically accept the quotes thereafter.

The price plan of this Magento quote extension is really reasonable for the huge range of features. 

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Bsscommerce offers outstanding quote requesting functions for the Magento stores. The customers can request quotes for products, the whole cart or a specific product category. Meanwhile, the sellers can set quotes available for each customer or B2B customer group.

The Bsscommerce’s interface is really easy-to-use that helps the Magento business runner manage and operate their quote feasibly. The customers can request their quotes and receive responses on this add-on or via their email that they can keep in touch with the sellers during this process. Moreover, Bsscommerce can help you to set the minimum quote number for a certain customer group.


Boostmyshop allows customers to send their quotes for getting their favorite item at reasonable prices. This Magento 2 quote extension provides diversified functions for both the customers and sellers to take advantage of quotes. It offers various options for the buyers to customize their quote requests with an easy and simple process that they will feel easy to add to the quote cart and start to negotiate with the sellers. A bonus point here is that Boostmyshop can automatically remind the customers if they accidentally forget to send quote requests.


Codecanyon allows customers to send quote requests for the prices and product quantity directly to the Magento sellers. The extension supports all the product lines and conducts the quote requesting process quickly.

This Magento quote extension creates a tight connection between sellers and buyers. In detail, it sends emails related to the quotes requesting process to both parties to notify necessary and new updates. Moreover, Codecanyon allows the store administrators to track the quote process to withdraw useful insights and open chances to enhance customer satisfaction.  

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An all-in-one B2B solution

Using separate extensions for each feature you need might affect performance as well as technology costs. Therefore, we recommend trying GritGlobal’s Magento B2B platform. Other than B2B-essential features, the platform ensures that you can manage all B2B-related tasks in one place, without weighing your site down.

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Covers all your distributors’ needs with quotes, negotiation, bulk orders, and other features.


Choosing a Magento quote extension for your stores is not as difficult as imagined if you comprehend all the information we have brought and have dynamic pricing policies. We hope that you can pick one of them and make outstanding improvements.


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