How BigCommerce stores with no inventory can still sell


With the ever-changing online retail space, it’s important to keep multiple channels open. While some retailers focus on physical stores, others are looking for ways to sell without inventory. This blog will explore the concept of selling without inventory. Now, let’s explore how Bigcommerce no inventory retailers can sell without inventory.

How Bigcommerce no inventory stores can still sell

Utilize BackOrder

The original and exclusive backorder solution for Bigcommerce no inventory stores to recover income from out-of-stock purchases.

The BigCommerce BackOrder App can alert consumers about out-of-stock items. It gives customers the option to order on a specific day and have it delivered. As a result, automated processes enhance output and consumer experiences.


Dropshipping, to put it simply, is the practice of a business owner serving as a bridge between suppliers and customers. Suppliers virtually distribute their products through affiliates and resellers, who then sell them to clients.

How BigCommerce stores with no inventory can still sell

These goods are sold by resellers or drop shippers who never need to retain stock on hand. While the vendor manages order fulfillment and sends the product directly to the customer, resellers are paid a commission on each transaction.

Print on demand (POD)

If you choose the print-on-demand (POD) approach, you will work with a provider of white-label goods to design and market those goods, such as bags, T-shirts, and baseball hats. Your designs and trademark are used to sell products that are produced on demand.

You may combine brand licensing with your print-on-demand offerings to make the most of this strategy and produce goods with established brands. Although licensing will further reduce your revenues, it expands the reach of your brand and products, as in the case of gaining a Disney license.

Use a third-party logistics (3PL) partner

A third-party warehouse or logistics partner may meet all of your eCommerce fulfillment requirements. Although you won’t ever view, store, or ship any of the merchandise in this online store model, you do (technically) hold it. 

A 3PL partner is the ideal middleman between retailers and manufacturers/suppliers, handling everything from inventory management to order processing, warehousing to shipping and receiving.

Affiliate store

You won’t need to find items if you open an affiliate store, similar to drop shipping. You cannot, however, determine your own product prices while operating an affiliate business, unlike when dropshipping. As an affiliate, you sell on behalf of other merchants who then pay you with a commission.

How BigCommerce stores with no inventory can still sell

Similar advantages to dropshipping are present in this online business strategy. Because you don’t have to worry about inventory, you can spend more time and effort on things like marketing and increasing sales.

Digital products and services

Digital goods and services are a terrific method to sell online without having to have any inventory on hand. This is the only technique mentioned so far where controlling your “inventory” won’t reduce your profit margin.

This online business model has a huge potential for growth and nearly no startup expenditures. The potential of digital content is vast, ranging from services to courses to software and music.

Adjust Out-of-stock Status

Unavoidably, a product would run out of stock. Each shop will go through it at some point, and it will most likely happen more than once.

You have the options to be ready for the first occurrence as part of BigCommerce Inventory management, and it enables you to keep track of the results.

How BigCommerce stores with no inventory can still sell

When a product runs out of stock, Bigcommerce no inventory provides choices. These options determine what a buyer sees and what they may do if a product’s inventory falls to zero.

To modify these options, go to Advanced Settings > Inventory. You may define what occurs when a stock level, an option, or a commodity has to be updated when it runs out of stock using this window.

In conclusion,

BackOrder is a great place to start for anyone who is looking for a store that doesn’t have inventory, like a Bigcommerce no inventory store, but still sells. We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to sell a store without inventory! If you have any questions about selling a store without inventory, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!


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