Ultimate Guide To Decrease Churn Rate In B2B Ecommerce


Customer churn rate directly depicts the extent of B2B customers satisfaction and the effectiveness of our customer service and marketing. With a high churn rate, the businesses will deal with considerable loss of customers, revenues, profits, and even reputation.

To help B2B eCommerce businesses increase and maintain a good customer churn rate, we have conducted research and concluded the most effective ways as below.


Tips To Reduce B2B Ecommerce Churn Rate

Make Clear Why Customers Leave Your Stores

To deal with any problem, the first and always step is to identify the reason behind it. In this case, the reason why customers leave your stores is the key to tackle the high eCommerce churn rate. Frequently collecting customers’ feedbacks is the easiest way to find out the causes. You can do a survey by questionnaires which are sent via emails at purchase thresholds, face-to-face interviews, or observations. To automatically use emails to conduct surveys, some automation applications like Atom8 on Bigcommerce and Shopify platforms will help you.

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Pay Attention To Bad Signals

Another way to realize potential factors that cause customers dissatisfaction is by utilizing tracking tools. You can use eCommerce automation software to track customers’ behaviors on your online stores. The most frequent clues that prove the ineffective customer service and marketing are that the customers don’t click products recommendation ads, ignore promotion emails, don’t use vouchers, etc. Besides, there are many serious signals that you need to pay more attention such as suddenly stop visiting, significantly reduce time spent, usually abandon shopping carts, etc. The automation software then reports all the results of customer tracking, generates data into sheets for further analysis, and helps the business runners take suitable actions to deal with, thus preventing the upcoming low eCommerce churn rate. 

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Enhance Customer Service

Customer service is the main department that is in charge of increasing customer satisfaction and reducing eCommerce churn rates as the customers’ behaviors are usually affected by the way we treat them. Customer supporters could be your staff or chatbot must be able to support customers immediately and establish appropriate solutions. To reduce labor cost and time response, it would be better to use automation applications, set the sync for frequent customers’ concerns and the bot can automatically answer right away whenever receiving questions from customers. 

Maintain Customer Relationship

Maintaining and nurturing the customer relationship is the key point to convince customers to buy products at your online stores again and reduce the eCommerce churn rate. The frequent and effective marketing strategies will harden this relationship. You can group customers into suitable segments based on some criteria like value purchased, product types, time spent, profile, etc., to launch well-matched email marketing or other marketing campaigns. This approach will make the customers feel excited and avoid disturbing them as we send meaningful and well-suited information to them.



Reducing the eCommerce churn rate is not as difficult as we have imagined. We believe that our tips above will work well in different contexts so you can apply all of them to your eCommerce business operations.


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