How To Ask For A Customer Review

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Why is it important to get a customer review?

Customer reviews are the honest evaluation of your product or service. The impact of review is very powerful. They can influence consumer decisions and can also make or break a company’s credibility. Positive reviews help generate customer trust and foster positive word-of-mouth, thereby increasing sales volume. On the other hand, negative reviews might drive your customers away. 

What is more, customer reviews provide valuable insights that can be used to upgrade your products or services or develop new items. These reviews can also be used to address customer’s pain points or complaints.

How to ask for a customer review?

There are several ways to ask for a customer’s review. 

Target happy customers

Targeting happy customers is the easiest way to get positive reviews for your business. Satisfied customers are more likely to write rave reviews about their experience with your business. Encourage them to write a review but do not be pushy. The key is to ask at the right time. Also, don’t forget to thank them for appreciating your services. 

Contact customers on social media

Reviews on social media platforms serve as social proof for your company. You should continuously engage with your customers on these platforms, keep posting content, encouraging the users to leave a review on social media. Furthermore, it’s a bad idea to delete negative reviews on social media. The audience might think that you’re trying to deceive them with positive information only. Instead, immediately address those customers and resolve their issues.

Add review CTA on thank-you page

Adding a review CTA button on your thank you page allows the customer to leave a review immediately. This kind of customer review is helpful because the experience is still vivid in their mind when the purchase has just completed.

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Send an email after the order is completed

Sending them a message after an order is completed is a solid approach. This ensures the product meets up the customer’s expectations while subtly asking for a review.

However, asking for an online review through email is a bit trickier. You’ll need to pre-screen your database in advance. Though unhappy customers are likely to leave negative comments, you’ll want to gather them to fully assess the performance of your products or service. 

Create an automation workflow

Important as it is, it’s also extremely tedious to send an email to each customer asking for a review. Hence, companies are automating this process to make it more efficient. For example, the workflow below tells the system to send an email whenever the order is completed. This way, you can receive customer feedback without keeping an eye on it every time. 

workflow to send an email asking for a customer review


Reviews are a powerful tool any business should employ to build credibility. As customers value the views and feedback from others while making a purchase decision, online reviews can have a tremendous impact on your sales revenue.


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