eCommerce Retention: Why Are You Losing Customers?

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To increase eCommerce customer retention, it’s critical to stay on top of the web design, customer personas, exclusive deals, and user experience. Unfortunately, anything can go wrong one time or another. There are some very popular eCommerce errors that cost customers money. In this post, we’ll break it down for you.

Coupons and promotions were not considered

Gimmicks do not drive sales, but initial sales can be boosted by offering coupons and discounts. However, vouchers can be challenging to manage considering the time frame and a small audience. In these cases, this tactic is taxing on e-retailers. You’ll also risk attracting customers who are only interested in saving money with no retention intention.

Rather than using coupons, consider sending out a newsletter with percentage discounts. Customers are likely to pay more if they receive percentage discounts rather than dollar discounts. This is because it’s difficult to predict what your customers will need. Thus a percentage discount allows them to order whatever they want at a lower price.

It’s also important to remember to create separate landing pages for coupons, which reinforces the promotion’s specifics and offers guidance and limitations. Make sure you’re using appealing, straightforward, and consistent wording on your page.

Intrusive pop-up advertisements

Google has announced that using interstitial advertising, especially on mobile, would drop a website’s rating. These ads, also known as pop-ups, can obstruct relevant content and make it difficult for users to see the content they want to see, resulting in a negative and frustrating user experience. In addition, closing the advertisement is often challenging and deceptive.

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In fact, the disapproval rating of pop-ads is 73%. People these days are often overwhelmed and feel stalked by digital ads, 81% of whom close a website due to a pop-up advertisement. In other words, overwhelming pop-ups are rendering your opportunity for eCommerce retention. 

What is the solution? Consider advertisements as a salesperson trailing you around a shop. Will you tell a customer what your ad says in person? Don’t bother them if it doesn’t add value. Negative interactions stick with customers and taint websites.

Having a sluggish checkout procedure

Maintain a straightforward, linear, and user-friendly checkout process. Too many screens or complicated instructions can cause issues and discourage sales.

When a customer fears that their privacy might be at risk, they are more likely to abandon the operation. For example, 17% of consumers would leave their shopping cart if they are concerned about payment protection.

One way to make the checkout experience more user-friendly is to have a multistep process and show consumers where they are currently. 

Lacking a marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is significant in maintaining a stable eCommerce customer retention rate. Even though email plays a vital role in eCommerce, many businesses are unaware that email marketing is the most cost-effective tool for retaining customers and attracting potential buyers. Business owners can communicate directly with their customers by using email marketing.

Not understanding who the client is

eCommerce companies will benefit significantly from reviewing audience demographics. The television industry has for a long time studied how to use viewer demographics and viewing patterns to market goods through advertisements. When it comes to the value of knowing the customers’ wishes, the Internet is no different.

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Know who your clients are so you can assist them in making decisions. For example, a salesperson can consciously gauge a store’s popularity by viewing customers in real-time in a typical brick-and-mortar store. In the digital environment, conversion analytics and bounce rates will help you track your shop’s performance.


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