Automated Customer Management Best Practices

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Approaching customers with a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is far from a best practice because customers differ from one another in their needs, wants, and buying behaviors. Therefore, personalization becomes an essential component in creating & developing customer satisfaction in their shopping experience. To achieve this, it is important to engage and retain the right customer at the right time, utilize appropriate customer service and marketing campaigns.

This post uncovers how automated customer management can save you time to streamline costs and focus your attention on what matters.

What is automated customer management?

Customer management is the practice of collecting and processing data about your customers and using it to improve relationships with them. It can cover potential, current, and former customers.

The goal of customer management is to get better results from every customer interaction:

  • Customer retention improvement, as you know, it costs less than acquiring new customers;
  • Determine what your customers want to have more targeted campaigns towards them;
  • Develop better approaches for marketing, sales, and customer service.

For e-commerce businesses, turning a visitor into a loyal customer generates over 500% more revenue than getting a new visitor to your site or listing. You can spend 4x as much on customer management as on advertising and still see better ROI.
An example of Atom8’s automated customer segmentation workflow:

Examples of automated customer management:

  • After-sales service: Send a “Thank-you” email to the customer right after purchase at your store.
  • Up-selling & cross-selling: After a certain product being purchased, offer the customer with relevant or supplementary products with a today-only-20% discount.
  • Loyalty program: When a customer’s lifetime spending exceeds $5000/account created for more than 2 years on your store, group them to “VIP customer” group, send a notification email, and a 50% discount for the next purchase.
  • Welcome new customers: Send a “Welcome” email with recommended products to newly created customers in your store.
  • Personalized pricing: Customize different pricing for different groups of customers.
  • Refund request: Instantly notify customer service team when there’s a refund request. Then, send an email to the customer with survey questions & offer alternatives.
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How can you automate customer management?


Atom8 is an out-of-the-box solution you can use to create automated workflows across your e-commerce segmentation activities. With Atom8, there are 2 ways to segment your customers, which are:

  • Assigning customers to a group allows merchants to easily allocate customers, who share characteristics & behaviors in common, to specific groups.
  • Adding custom attributes to a customer allows you to multi-tag a customer with different custom attributes that you can create on Atom8. This directly solves the nature of BigCommerce’s problem in terms of customer grouping in which one customer can only be added to one group.
  • More: Woocommerce pos plugin, Bigcommerce POS

On Atom8, the automation works based on the simple logic of Trigger – Condition – Action.

Automated customer management

For example, here’s the case study of Sunglass LA – our customer on how they saved 30 hours weekly on customer segmentation.

Over the week of Black Friday’s big sales campaign, Sunglass LA had its eyes set on multiple discount programs for each group of customers based on their total lifetime spending. This required the team to execute quite a few challenging and arduous tasks, including:

  • Reorganizing and grouping each order that a customer had ever purchased in the store, and then calculating the total lifetime spending for each customer;
  • Segmenting the customer base into three main groups based on their total spending: Platinum (> $5000) – Gold (> $2000 and < $5000) – Silver (< $2000);
    Applying different discount percentages (30% – 50% – 70%) for multiple customer groups.
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An example of Atom8’s automated customer segmentation workflow:

automated customer segmentation



Let’s look at some use cases on how Atom8 can help with customer management automation:

Welcome new customers:

welcome new customers

Thank you email after a transaction:


Loyal programs:

Loyal programs

Email after a refund request:

email after a refund request

Key takeaways

The key to customer management is to figure out the characteristics of each customer and accordingly engage with them at the right moment.

Building an effective E-commerce customer management system requires hard work. With the latest technology and the automation of customer management, you can target your customers precisely and send them exactly what they want, saving time for more important tasks. That means better experiences for them, better operations for your team, and a better ROI for your business!

Make sure to get the 14-day free trial of the app & optimize your business today!

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