Introducing Atom8: The long-awaited Commerce Automation for BigCommerce is finally here

Introduce Atom8 - BigCommerce

We would like to invite all BigCommerce merchants to install the application, enjoy all the Premium features FREE for 14 days, and experience the benefits of automation for yourself.

Businesses during the Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is a once-a-lifetime phenomenon, affecting us all on a global scale. It has had a major impact on the way we live and will have a lasting impact on the way we do business in the future.

While many businesses may regret not having an online store, many more are struggling to handle rapid business growth due to the sudden boom in online shopping demand.

To survive or thrive through turbulent times, optimal operational efficiency has always been at the core of any successful business. Automation is among the greatest tools available to achieve that and is one of the essential keys to unlocking break-through growth for any online store.

Understanding Commerce Automation

Let’s have a look at an online merchant’s daily activities.

  • Checking & confirming new orders
  • Managing inventory for the low stock & out of stock
  • Publishing new discounts or marketing campaigns
  • Sending messages to the customer, etc.

These seem to be just easy, walk-in-the-park tasks, taking only a few minutes each. Combined, however, these tasks can consume a whole day.

On the other hand, when the business scales up quickly to meet increased demand, more operational resources are needed to perform these simple, but time-consuming tasks, resulting in higher operating costs and greater potential for human error.

In these situations, commerce automation is no longer a nice-to-have but becomes a MUST-HAVE.

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Understanding the term by its definitions:

• Automation is the labor-saving technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.

• Commerce Automation is the software that helps your online store convert most or all of the manual, repetitive tasks into self-fulfilling, automated tasks, so you can spend time focusing your efforts on the things that really matter.

The long-awaited Commerce Automation for BigCommerce is finally here

Understanding the importance of automation for e-commerce, we are very pleased to introduce Atom8, the commerce automation platform.

Atom8’s mission is to enable 70,000+ current, and all new BigCommerce merchants to level up their stores by removing manual functions, helping store owners optimize costs, drive more sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

How Atom8 automate your works

One of the simplest but effective automation use-cases applied by many online merchants globally is running multiple sales and marketing campaigns to drive more leads and increase conversion rates.

Example: Max runs a board game store using BigCommerce. He needs to set up 3 consecutive campaigns: (1) Black Friday, (2) Cyber Monday, and (3) Discount of 20% for all students during that weekend.

To do so, Max simply sets up 3 workflows with scheduled execution time. The Black Friday campaign is as follow:

WHEN: Black Friday time comes(Set time)

THEN 1: Switch theme to “Black Friday”
AND: Set discount 40% for “Promoted Products List”
AND: Send email to “Loyal Customer List”

THEN 2: Wait 24 hours to execute the “Next Action”

THEN 3: Switch theme to “Normal”
AND: Switch the price of the “Promoted Product List” to “Original”
AND: Send email to “Black Friday Customers”

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Similarly, Max will set up the other 02 campaigns (“Cyber Monday” and “Student Discount), and the store runs by itself.

Atom8 workflow

To name some individual workflow examples of Atom8:

  • Auto-publish/unpublish content (banner, carousel, blog posts, etc.) on a scheduled time
  • Auto-hide/unhide products & catalogs on a scheduled time
  • Auto-change product merchandising (prices, purchasability, visibility,…)
  • Auto-segment customers (based on behaviors, geographic, demographic…)
  • Auto-engage with customers after a refund request, purchase, subscription, fulfillment…
  • Auto-trigger email marketing to customers
  • Auto-tag orders
  • Auto-notify team members about product inventory & order status
  • Auto-generate reports & lists on Google sheet
  • Auto-detect & halt high-risk orders

Combining multiple workflows together, you can create scenarios such as:

  • Customer gratitude program: Auto-tag high-value customers with total spending greater than $5000 (BigCommerce). Auto-assign them to the “Premium customer” group (Hubspot). Then, auto-send them a “thank-you” email (Sendgrid), offering a 50% discount for the next purchase.
  • Scheduled promotion & sales campaign: Start the Summer Sales campaign at 0 a.m, May 1st. Auto-publish all products in the Summer category and apply a 30% discount for the first week of the campaign. Auto-switch website theme, banner ads to Summer design & auto-publish a blog post announcing the Summer Sales program.
  • High-risk order flagging & notification: Auto-detect and flag orders that have an irregularly large amount (> 100 items) or value (>$8000). Change order status to “Waiting for review” and send an internal email notifying your team for manual review.

Moreover, you’ll find the platform especially useful for “Covid-19 scenarios” as follows:

  • Group customers from high-risk areas based on geographic attributes
  • Alert customers and fulfillment teams about on-site pickups
  • Cancel orders to high-risk areas due to shipping challenges
  • Track and thank customers for purchasing items during the pandemic.
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Enable BigCommerce merchants to create a break-through

“Upon introduction to Atom8, I was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the app. With Atom8’s help, I believe that any BigCommerce merchant can learn how to use commerce automation and level up your online business in no time.” 

Brent Bellm, CEO BigCommerce

Having a store running on the robust e-commerce platform BigCommerce is already an essential factor to build a successful online business. By adding automation you can bring the store to the next level, allowing you to accomplish many things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

We would like to invite all BigCommerce merchants to experience the benefits of automation for themselves by installing the application and enjoying all the Premium features FREE for 14 days.

From all of us, we sincerely wish the introduction of Atom8 will be a big leap for your business to thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic and moving forward!


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