Solutions for a B2C and B2B eCommerce unified Magento sites

b2b ecommerce unified solutions

A lot of Magento online stores serve both B2B and B2B customers, therefore they need some features that can help them communicate with the right customers appropriately as well as avoid conflicts and inconsistency during the operation. Therefore, our article today will give you some solutions for your B2C – B2B eCommerce unified Magento sites.

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Access Restrictions

First and foremost, the solution which can help you to differentiate B2B and B2C customers is access restrictions. While the customers have completed rights to access their expected page on a B2C website, the customers only have completed rights to access suitable sites. Magento merchants need to have better control over their sites to ensure their customers have suitable experiences, appropriate pricing and well-matched product options. B2B customers need to log in and get permission, then they will be transferred to another site with enough B2B features.

Account Management

The sites which contain both B2B and B2C accounts will make the merchants feel complicated to manage and control. The first thing you need to consider to verify and control the account is requiring all necessary information from the B2B customers when they register a new account on your site, including VAT, job title, company profile, etc. Then, you can take advantage of this information source to build customer relationships and form your sales strategies. You can do the same way with personal customers to draw customer profiles and personalize customer experience on their accounts.

Normally, the procurement department will assign different staff for different selling steps; from choosing products, negotiating, placing orders, processing payments and so on. Moreover, the corporate account should be allowed to have multi-users to get access to your sites with different roles. From which, you can have a suitable approach for each login and enhance customer management.

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Secret Quote Request

When running Magento sites which serve both B2B and B2C customers, you need to invest in the features which all the B2B customers need. Those are secret pricing and negotiation. Normally, the wholesaler places orders in a large number of products; so they require discounted prices, which is significantly lower than retailing price. Therefore, they need to negotiate to have an affordable price with the sellers. You need to hide the quote request button in the B2C customer’s site and allow B2B customers to send their requests.

Shorten Ordering Process

The B2B customers usually require a faster and short ordering process to help them order various products; without jumping among various product pages. Therefore, your Magento sites should provide them with some features to speed up their placement; such as ordering multiple products via a form, adding different SKUs simultaneously, ordering by CSV files, and so on. To have those B2B features without sacrificing web performance, you should install the Magento B2B platform from GritGlobal to equip all necessary B2B features to your Magento stores.

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With our solutions, we hope that you can run your B2B and B2C unified Magento sites smoothly; with the desired customer experience and sky-high productivity.


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