B2B vs B2C: the main differences

B2B vs B2C

To properly comprehend the distinctions between B2B and B2C eCommerce, you must first comprehend whom you are selling to. Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumers are two types of dealings. These two differ from each other in multiple ways. The B2B is a type of business dealing in which one business offers products and services to another business. However, it is the opposite in B2C. The Business-to-Consumer direction is a type of business in which business serves the local population.

Customers in the B2C and B2B sectors buy for various reasons, have distinct motivators driving their purchases, and have distinct consumer expectations. Following we have differentiated between the B2B and B2C. The distinctions are outlined below:


The main differences between B2B vs B2C

Buying behavior

First of all, B2B vs B2C differs in their behaviors. For instance, business owners devise their marketing strategies and sales strategies keeping in mind their end customers.


In the b2C, there is only a single customer who purchases the products for any single reason. However, the B2B is a business deal in which there are multiple stakeholders, shareholders, or other important personalities. These people will agree upon the final decision after discussion and multiple steps in their internal processes.

Unlike B2C customers, who are primarily individual buyers who make purchases on their own, B2B customers are frequently involved in a more complex buying process involving several stakeholders. A budget approver, researcher collecting product information, a point of contact, and an end-user, for example, can make up a B2B decision-making group.


The price of the B2C vs B2B also varies. The B2C consumers also decide at a fixed price, which is similar for all types of buyers. However, B2B customers do not have to pay the fixed price. In the B2B market, there is not a single fixed universal pricing of the products. The prices vary depending on multiple factors such as negotiated contracts, relationship history, location, and others.

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When using a B2B eCommerce platform like BigCommerce, you will notice the feature to add different price lists to different customer segments.

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Delivery time

The B2C consumers often make direct payments because they are the end customers of the business. However, the delivery time differs when it comes to the Business-to-Business transaction. So, B2C consumers pay the price of the packages via post. But the B2B customers receive the product directly.

Time of payment

The time of payment also varies between B2B and B2C transactions. The time of payment also differs because B2C consumers pay the price directly to the business owners. However, B2B consumers pay the price via invoices on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The monthly, quarterly, or annual are the periods in which B2B pays to the business.

Relationship length

The relationship lengths with the B2C customers are not as hopeful as the B2B relationship strength. However, the relationship length between B2B and the business is great. The relationship strength of the businesses helps them in increasing their profits by maintaining good relations with a company.



These are some of the top differences between B2C and B2B. You can increase loyalty by knowing about their type and working style. This is how you will be able to increase your revenue and conversion rates.

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