4 ways to do eCommerce order tracking


Order tracking in real-time should be viewed as an integral component of the whole buying experience. 73% of customers anticipate it across all touchpoints, and more than 98% think the order delivery experience influences their brand loyalty.

In this post, you will learn what eCommerce order tracking is and why it is vital, as well as some best parcel tracking practices to help businesses develop trust with consumers.

What is eCommerce order tracking?

eCommerce order tracking is the process of handling and monitoring online orders and giving clients real-time order progress data. It lets consumers know when they may anticipate their order to arrive, where it is at that time and keeps customers informed of any potential delays.

4 ways to do eCommerce order tracking

Even if the purchase is dispatched on schedule, there is no assurance that it will not encounter any complications. Even when everything is going as planned, many impatient consumers continue to contact businesses with requests for order status updates.

Instead of repeatedly answering the same questions, it is advisable to let clients handle their own post-purchase anxieties and save some important time.

4 ways to do eCommerce order tracking

Give each order a tracking number

Every new order is given a tracking number, which is a specific set of numbers and letters. With its help of it, a client may track the path of their shipment and be aware of its status at any time during the delivery process.

Often, the tracking number is delivered by email together with the transaction confirmation. To make the procedure quicker and easier, businesses may sometimes link to the page where customers can track their orders.

4 ways to do eCommerce order tracking

Provide direct order tracking for clients on your website

By providing this option, clients won’t have to go the extra effort and hunt for information anywhere other than your business. It can not only save them some time but also avoid misunderstanding and improve how they feel about your company. 

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Not to mention, it gives you another excuse to invite them to your website and entice them with relevant promotions.

Make the order tracking option visible

Make sure you earn enough credit by having the eCommerce order tracking option available on your store. Order tracking is a key element of an online store.

Don’t conceal it under other categories because doing so would require customers to push themselves a little more than they would want. Make sure the order tracking page is put in an accessible location and is obvious to minimize extra annoyance or to keep users from giving up on it altogether.

Add package tracking details in the confirmation email

4 ways to do eCommerce order tracking

Regrettably, not all consumers will return to your business or carrier’s website to find out where their items are. If there is a direct link to order tracking, they can choose to click it instead of getting an order tracking number. And for this reason, you must always remember to make it very obvious in your order confirmation emails how to monitor orders.

Also, this would inform customers that order tracking is an option they have while purchasing at your store if they were previously unaware of it.

To conclude,

Tracking eCommerce orders is essential to this procedure. Customer expectations are rising at astonishing rates, along with competition and the whole eCommerce sector. Customers typically want the ability to watch the progress of their orders and keep tabs on any modifications.

One of the main factors influencing the performance of an eCommerce firm overall is the provision of real-time order status updates and the maintenance of a quick and dependable delivery procedure. To do eCommerce order tracking on your own business, contact us now.

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