Types Of Automation Apps For eCommerce Store

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Automation apps allow you to manage your campaign and marketing process through several channels without using any manual execution. For example, marketers can send customers automated messages via social media, email marketing, messenger marketing, and SMS in just one click. 

Automation is an absolute solution for the hectic task of fulfilling customer needs. However, it’s not easy automation every process at the same time. Therefore, businesses often start small with certain aspects of their work. 

There are several automation apps to boost productivity, optimize daily operations, and drive higher sales. This section will explore some of the few automation apps you can integrate into your eCommerce stores.

Chat marketing automation

One mistake store owners often make is to kick start their automation process without understanding what they need to automate. Therefore, before you invest in any platform, you need to identify what your business is struggling with. 

With automation, you can easily qualify and nurture leads. However, the potential might come from anywhere. How do you take advantage of different sources of traffic? You can utilize chat marketing automation, which helps speed up the sales cycle and reduce friction. It also helps strengthen the post-purchase relationships with your customers.

Email marketing automation

Email marketing is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. There are scads of tools available at your disposal to set up your email marketing automation. At the basic level, it means sending emails to your customers, regardless of transactional, promotional, or conversational campaigns.

Email marketing automation tools can tag your customers based on predetermined criteria and trigger email campaigns without human intervention. Then you can channel your resource and time to other essential things. You might also want to customize your email templates to boost conversion rates and improve your brand engagement. 

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CRM automation

Another essential automation app to integrate your eCommerce store is related to customer relationship management. The CRM automation leverages your customer services by actively engaging in customer retention. Additionally, it allows you to track customer interaction across multiple channels. In other words, a good CRM automation system helps strengthen relationships with your customers and improve sales effectiveness.

Facebook advertising automation

Facebook offers different types of ads with several goals. Brands often run multiple Facebook campaigns at the same time to identify which type of ads work better. Though effective, this takes up a lot of time every day. Therefore, one optimal solution is to integrate your Facebook account with an automation app. 

This helps boost your sales strategy while saving you a lot of time and effort. Additionally, you can combine it with CRM software to generate one-by-one conversations with potential leads. 

Workflow automation

Automating your business workflows helps in streamlining your processes to stay productive without requiring any human support. Workflow automation allows store owners to improve customer experience, boost efficiency, and gain insight through different marketing channels.

Workflow automation apps can be regarded as a combination of all the abovementioned platforms. It creates a centralized management system where you can automate your store without switching between different apps.

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