Crucial considerations for enterprise eCommerce platform decision

enterprise eCommerce platform decision

Within the last five years, the rise of eCommerce platforms has been phenomenal such that every second we are bombarded by different products. Nevertheless, it will be wrong to assume that everything about online shopping lies in business-to-customer (B2C) platforms alone. Recent studies from Forrester Research show that the United States business-to-business eCommerce industry will […]

Types Of Automation Apps For eCommerce Store

a person in yellow sweater working on automation apps on his laptop

Automation apps allow you to manage your campaign and marketing process through several channels without using any manual execution. For example, marketers can send customers automated messages via social media, email marketing, messenger marketing, and SMS in just one click.  Automation is an absolute solution for the hectic task of fulfilling customer needs. However, it’s […]

Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

a woman in yellow shirt laughing while working

Shopify makes it easier for business owners to set up their stores and sell things online. Additionally, it offers over a hundred apps that foster business growth. This huge number is confusing for any store owner, let alone newcomers. To help you get everything set up appropriately, we have researched the best Shopify apps to […]

How To Build Your BigCommerce Website

a woman sitting in a brown couch working on her website

Setting up your eCommerce website is an integral part of your business. You don’t want to ignore this process. Otherwise, it will affect your customer experience, growth, and sales. While creating your website from scratch requires lots of effort, you can consider using premade eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce. Most of these platforms come with […]

Memorial Day Promotion Ideas 2021

an old veteran on the memorial day

Memorial Day is the day to honour fallen soldiers and an unofficial mark of summers. Small eCommerce businesses see it as an opportunity to attract new customers and increase sale. These businesses take advantage of Memorial Day by running promotion campaigns to earn more revenues. Here are some of the ideas to run as promotions […]

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