Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

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Shopify makes it easier for business owners to set up their stores and sell things online. Additionally, it offers over a hundred apps that foster business growth. This huge number is confusing for any store owner, let alone newcomers. To help you get everything set up appropriately, we have researched the best Shopify apps to increase sales.

Using Shopify plugins helps extend the functionality of your store. The best thing is that these small Shopify add-ons can be installed quickly in your online store. Using these apps allows you to promote your products, store, handle inventory, reward customers, and shipping to increase sales.


Oberlo is one of the best Shopify apps that provide a streamlined supply chain from the wholesaler to end customers. On the one hand, the app is connected with a marketplace where you can search for direct suppliers for your store. On the other hand, it allows you to receive an order and fulfill it through dropshipping customers. 


 OptinMonster is the best Shopify app to convert visitors into customers, which then increases your sales volume. The app helps you create stunning visual features to be attached to your website. This will reduce cart abandonment, increase email newsletter signups, and drive sales and revenue. 

You can also adjust any element in real-time so as to optimize the conversion rate.


TrustPulse is one of the best Shopify apps when it comes to social proof. People are more likely to shop in a store with high reliability and transparency. Therefore, stimulating trust from previous customers is very important to attract new ones.  

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Using TrustPulse can increase your conversion rate by 20%. The key feature of the TrustPulse Shopify app is real-time tracking for demo registrations, purchases, and email lists. Furthermore, you can always match your brand with actionable analytics to boost your conversion.


Drip is a simple but powerful marketing tool that can integrate perfectly with your eCommerce store. The app allows for automating email campaigns and dividing your subscribers into different segments. It also enables you to quickly gather feedback from customers and set up abandoned cart email campaigns. Additionally, the dashboard with detailed analytics helps you identify the performance of each campaign. 


Atom8 is one of the best workflow automation apps on Shopify. The app allows you to convert repetitive tasks into workflows that execute whenever needed. Some of the app features are:

  • Auto-publish products
  • Auto-categorize orders according to  value, locations, etc
  • Auto-segment customer based on demographics, spending, the total number of order, etc
  • Auto-tag customers on CRM, email marketing, and delivery platforms
  • Auto-generate reports & lists on Google Sheet
  • Auto-notify of low-stock items, abandoned cart, or high-value orders
  • Auto-detect and halt high-risk orders

atom8 automation one of the best shopify apps

With Atom8, you can streamline your store activities and have a centralized control system. By effectively running your store with the best Shopify apps, you’ll have more time to invest in sales strategy to drive higher revenue. We’re running on Free Forever Plan. Check out the app today and enjoy the work done.  



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