Memorial Day Promotion Ideas 2021

an old veteran on the memorial day

Memorial Day is the day to honour fallen soldiers and an unofficial mark of summers. Small eCommerce businesses see it as an opportunity to attract new customers and increase sale. These businesses take advantage of Memorial Day by running promotion campaigns to earn more revenues.

Here are some of the ideas to run as promotions on Memorial Day.

Join a BBQ or Outdoor Events

People often have a day off and are looking for a place to chill out. Thus there cannot be a better day to host an outdoor event to attract visitors. A party on the beach or a barbecue event, or a picnic in a park would do.  Create email templates tailored as an invitation for Memorial Day promotion events. List all the fun activities like raffles or giveaways in your email templates to arouse your customers’ interest. You can also free samples or one-day discounts to people who attend your party. 

Highlight summer-related items

Memorial Day is the best time to launch summer-related merchandise. Send emails to customers to remind them you are the go-to eCommerce store for Memorial Day goods. In fact, you can run Memorial Day-themed promotions with a focus on the summer season on your website. You can also offer them discounts or start a sale. You can craft email campaigns to highlight special summer discounts or to announce new launches on Memorial Day. 

Create a one-day deal for veterans

Craft a new email template with a Memorial Day background, to send out to Veterans with promotional offers for them. One popular theme for this day is patriotism with red, blue and white colours. Offer special Memorial Day promotion discounts, giveaways or freebies to honour veterans on purchasing from your eCommerce store. Another approach would be offering an exclusive one-day deal for veterans, active military members, and their families will make them feel appreciated and show you care for the community.

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Happy Hour

Happy hours are those special hours of the day when a customer gets a particular discount or offer on making a purchase. So, have happy hours on Memorial Day to offer an extra discount on every purchase.

Use it as a topic for email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns never hurt your business and are a great way to engage with your customers. Send out emails to your audience with a promotional offer or an event or contests or giveaways. Memorial Day is a perfect occasion to also collect emails of visitors on your website by asking them to register in return for discounts etc. So, design memorable, engaging and personalised emails with Memorial Day promotion offers and send them to your customers to re-engage with them and offer them an incentive to make purchases from you.


Memorial Day is one of the big shopping weekends of the year. Small e-commerce businesses offer extra holiday day discounts on this day to attract new customers.



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