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B2B commerce is the process of selling products between two businesses. The Shopify Plus plan is dedicated to the B2B merchants with various support functions. In this write-up, we’ll discuss the best B2B Shopify apps that can help improve their operation management.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot has a powerful freemium CRM that has become popular among Shopify merchants.

The app is fully integrated with Shopify, allowing for simple data synchronization between your online store and the CRM dashboard. Users can also customize workflows based on customer information on Shopify.

Let’s say you wanted to contact customers who had spent less than $25 in your shop. You can build an automated workflow in HubSpot that uses buying data to segment customers that meet your requirements. Then you can set up another workflow to automatically send marketing emails to increase their average cart value.


Salesforce bills itself as the world’s best CRM network, claiming approximately 20% of the industry. This is a top-notch platform with such a large flex––and it does.

It can be easily integrated with Shopify and other hosting platforms. In addition, the app can connect with other apps to build more complex workflows to store and segment information. This helps save time spent looking up customer data while interacting with them. 


Among the best B2B Shopify apps, Tradegecko is well-known for its enormous ability to support e-Commerce businesses. The app combines various features such as Order Management, Inventory Management, and Customer Relationship Management into a single app. You can tailor the prices for individual customers and keep track of their interactions.

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SEO Manager

The ultimate way to get customer attention is to get to the top of search results. However, it’s increasingly challenging to remain on the first page due to raising competition worldwide.  Although this cannot be automated, some resources can help you improve your search rankings.

SEO Manager was created to improve your store’s rankings. It quickly assesses the primary ranking criteria that your site lacks and proposes the appropriate solutions.

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together makes it easier to sell more products at a time. It suggests items that can be used with the customers’ choice under the search results. This helps boost cross-selling of related goods. 

At the same time, buyers can choose to order more significant quantities of requested goods in exchange for lower prices, which is referred to as upselling. The app also assists you with bundling. This feature allows the customer to purchase the correct item and cross-products at a reduced price.

Tool for integrating the marketplace

The B2B business model is entirely reliant on sales and commission sharing. As a supplier, you can’t just keep bringing goods to your dock; you also have to clean out your inventory. In other words, the more sales you make, the more money you make.

Your goods will get more attention if you sell them on an open market. They not only exert a wide range of interests but also assist you in selling your products in bulk. In Shopify, here are a few Marketplace integration tools that can bind you with the big retailers, allowing you to meet your goals faster.

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As an entrepreneur, there are always a bunch of tasks every day, many of which are repetitive such as filling customer information or publishing products. This makes everyday work extremely tedious and exhausting. 

Atom8 is one of the best B2B Shopify apps that allows for creating workflows that execute whenever need without human intervention. You can also set up the time and place you want such action to take place. Just make sure your workflows are built logically and can be understood by the whole team.

Users can also integrate the app with other platforms such as BackOrder, Mailchimp, or Shipstation to streamline the whole operational procedure. 

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