Best eCommerce Delivery Strategies

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eCommerce and digital technologies have dramatically altered the customer’s buying pattern. People are expecting a seamless experience across channels as well as from ordering to receiving. That’s why it is important to have effective eCommerce delivery strategies. 

Offering freeship for orders above your AOV

One of the simplest eCommerce delivery strategies is to offer free shipping. Research has shown that 73% of people are more likely to buy a product if it includes free shipping. However, you must calculate the impact, whether it makes sense to cover this cost yourself without hurting your profit margins. You can use it as a promotional tool, but otherwise, you cannot. 

Offering free shipping helps build a bigger customer base or even incentivize higher order volume. One thing to take into account is the average order value (AOV). Before deciding on free shipping, go through the product’s price. If your price is relatively acceptable, then you can offer freeship for the orders that are about the average order value.

Make it easy to find the shipping rate page

Table rate shipping is different from flat rate shipping in the sense that it allows customizing shipping solutions. Customers can find costs related to their delivery such as product size, weight, and receiver destination. It also includes the number of items in the calculation. On filling or clicking the columns, they should get the shipping rate without any delay. This transparency is helpful to increase customer satisfaction.

Provide tracking numbers

An important strategy is to provide your customers with a tracking number. Everyone is afraid of fraud. Thus offering tracking information gives a sense of authenticity and professionalism associated with your company. With this, customers are well informed of the package location as well as any delay and arrival. 

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Another way is to set up a workflow to send an email to your customers whenever the delivery status is changed. You can also tell the system to alert your staff about this so as to keep track of your package.

Ato8 workflow to send notifications when the delivery status is changed

Show delivery estimation (by regions, orders, etc.)

The expected delivery date is one of the determining factors while ordering online. Estimated delivery date allows e-commerce stores to manage the time when a package reaches the customer. Some merchants even allow customers to set a custom delivery period. Your estimation should take into consideration all the factors such as the transit time and distance. 

Create a clear and easy to access shipping policy

A shipping policy that is easy to access and clear to understand is the key to your eCommerce delivery strategiesIt should contain all essential information, expected delivery times, shipping methods, shipping costs, shipping restrictions, payment and tracking information, and international shipping. Furthermore, you should always include the service types you’re offering, such as overnight, same day, standard, and pricing. A coherent return policy should also be visible for the customers. 


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