Running a one-man business? Discover the best eCommerce platform for automation

best ecommerce platform for automation

Nowadays, a lot of people come to the eCommerce world and establish a new eCommerce store by themselves without hiring too many employees. Thanks to eCommerce automation, although running business by themselves, they do not encounter any serious obstacles during the operation. Therefore, if you are having an idea to run a one-man business, our article today will suggest best eCommerce platform for eCommerce beginners to build their online shops with automation.

Do You Know Which Platform Is Best For Ecommerce Automation 


The first platform that we want to mention in this list is Shopify. Shopify is famous for its flexibility, user-friendly interface, simple manipulation and smooth operation. If you are a beginner and do not have any experience and deep knowledge to run a business automatically, Shopify is truly your choice. Shopify provides users with various applications to add to your eCommerce stores. For instance, Atom8 offers you chances to find the best-matched automation workflow templates for your business and customize the workflow in accordance with your requirements and business needs. 

With Shopify, the business runners can categorize customers into different tag, segment and membership rewards based on their behavior and lifetime spend. Moreover, Shopify can help the business runners manage their inventory and deal with low-stock products as well as notify customers automatically to let them update order status.


BigCommerce is also a top-selected option for businesses who want to apply automation to your online stores. It is also an easy-to-use app as it allows customers to add on any application and features by single clicks. The BigCommerce app marketplace also diversified, including automation apps for various business tasks. You can choose different automation tools for different purposes; including workflow automation, marketing automation, product management automation, email automation, inventory management automation… 

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If you want to save money and reduce the complexity when installing too many apps into your online shop; you can choose one multi-function app which can automate different business tasks at the same time. For example, Atom8 can help you to run businesses without human efforts in different business tasks; including customer categorization, web content management, customer management and so on. The app is available on Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento platform. All you need to do is install the app and keep track of the smooth operation; without directly handling repetitive and boring work.


Magento is considered as a more complicated platform compared to Shopify and BigCommerce. If you want to make any changes on this platform, you need to do it from the back end that needs an IT specialist to conduct. Magento marketplace also provides customers some automation extensions which they can add into their stores and automate the business tasks. 


If you are newbies, Shopify and BigCommerce will be more convenient and easier for you to apply automation. While the manipulation can be more difficult, Magento also can provide the businesses great experience during automation operation. We hope that you can choose the best platform for your stores and stay productive with automation. 


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