How to choose the best workflow management software for an eCommerce business


The eCommerce business has exploded in recent years, and the future outlook is clear. Ecommerce was expected to reach $791.70 billion in 2020, up from $598.02 billion the previous year, according to DigitalCommerce360.

Businesses have lots of room to expand in a booming sector. Websites are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is natural to get orders at any moment. Workflow management software is an excellent approach to increase revenues while also improving corporate performance and customer service.

So how it helps you in doing business?

What workflow management software on eCommerce helps you?

Boost work efficiency and productivity

Jobs such as filling customer information in each order, are really jobs that are: repetitive, boring, and time-consuming. However, you can’t leave as it is the must-do step. Not to mention, when those jobs have to be done by humans, that also means order processing takes place slower. A workflow automation system can help you break down such barriers. Routine activities are automated and performed in a fraction of the time. Your organization’s efficiency will improve as a result.

Important but repetitive tasks can be handled by automation. People should spend time on things that need brain intelligence and personal service. They have more time to do creative tasks, thanks to automation that frees them up. Also, you won’t have to wait for the time when you want to release promotional events, everything is automatically scheduled. 

Therefore, it allows them to spend more time nurturing connections and interacting with consumers. As a result, your company’s productivity will grow exponentially.

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Optimize accuracy in doing tasks and management 

Filling in customer information, updating inventory, paying attention to special customers, etc. Imagine that if one of these processes had a small error, it could sometimes cause order, or even multiple orders to be negatively affected. As a result, the reputation and revenue of your business will go down. Within human hands, it is inevitable that errors in data processing usually emerge and must be revised. Even the most dedicated and attentive workers can’t avoid this. So, why don’t we rely on automation technology – which does the job much faster, more accurately, and with less effort for us?

Enhance customer experience

Do you give special treatment to your loyal customers? All businesses, including eCommerce, benefit from customer retention. It can be affirmed that besides finding new customers, retaining loyal customers is also very important to your revenue.

You can track and reward active consumers with some basic automation. Moreover, smart workflow automation software categorizes consumers depending on what they’re buying. You can then create business rules to deliver targeted marketing to customers who make a particular number of purchases or have a certain order value.

Automation tools can link with email sending software to send email marketing to customers. Well-targeted and strategic email marketing is a great method to increase revenue, while the customer might feel useful as this email mentions what product they want. The workflow can be described as:

And yet, it also helps you gather customer reviews after each order is completed. Timely update of negative customer reviews and provide appropriate solutions will help your business image not be contaminated and can grow sustainably.

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Get insights from data for the next steps

Admittedly, you don’t want to stay in one place, you have to find ways to improve, right?

The more you sell a certain amount, the more you want to think of ways to increase your store’s sales even more. So it’s important to look at your old reported data and metrics to learn from.

It would be very messy if you just looked at each product and saw how much you sold for each product, and guessed what to do with that product. Not to mention, you may compare it with a particular period of time in the past. When they apply technology from automation to your business, they will report your sales data in a more organized way. Let’s see how it works:

Atom8 – The ultimate workflow management software for eCommerce 

Any of the above concerns now are handled by Atom8 – an automation tool available on two e-commerce platforms: BigCommerce and Shopify.

Atom8 offers a wide range of capabilities, including order classifications, customer administration, real-time notification, data management, integration, and online content management. As a result, your business will handle all marketing, customer support, and operational duties. This will allow your employees to stay productive and multitask on one platform.

Despite the fact that it has a lot of strong features, it is easy to manipulate and use. Furthermore, Atom8 can be fully integrated with your eCommerce store systems, allowing you to simply use, automate, and manage your eCommerce operations. Let’s discover Atom8 here:

  • BigCommerce:internal CTA atom8 1
  • Shopify:internal CTA ergo atom8 1
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To recap

The boring, repetitive tasks are no longer an obsession. Technology has changed a lot to make people’s jobs more leisurely, more efficient, and more productive. So why not take advantage of workflow management software features to do that?


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