Things To Do With Your Packing Slips For A More Robust Brand

packing slips

Packing slips are considered a vital document to ensure the accurate information of the orders to the customers and the shippers. Are there any other purposes for them? We have research and pointed out that packing slips are beyond simple documents. Because they can bring you more benefits than you have imagined. 

Today, we will help you open your mind with some striking tips to do with your packing slips that somehow enhance your marketing activities and business reputation. 

Level Up Your Packing Slips For A Stronger Brand

Branding With Packing Slips

Besides the order-related information in packing slips, you can add some brands’ information. It is not a long paragraph about your company or your products but the brands’ slogan or logo, which is enough for the customers to remember that identification and thus realize your brand the next time. Moreover, the consistent theme in the design will help your company to brand indirectly. 

One crucial point that you need attention to is not adding too much irrelevant information and focusing on what customers truly need. Giving the correct and trustworthy information will avoid misunderstanding and thus finish the order quickly and smoothly. 

Packing Slips Customization

A unique, customized slip will make customers feel special. For instance, it is ideal for updating your packing slip design to a Christmas theme during the Christmas holiday sale season. This action seems useless, but its effects are considerable. With the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) phenomenon, the customers can post their special slips on social media. And thus your products will prevail online. 

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Communicate With Customers

Personalization also needs to be expressed in packing slips. You can allow customers to choose their favorite templates among the available ones for their packing design. Another way to engage them is by calling them their nicknames or some dear pronouns rather than “you.”

In addition, encourage them to post status and photos of your products on social media platforms by giving them a discount code. This approach will allow you to track what they think about your products, your services. And furthermore what features of the next edition they look forward to. 

Building Long-term Relationships With Customers

Packing Slips also help you recommend and encourage customers to order the next time. You can suggest some relevant products and some persuasive short descriptions to convince customers. 

Also, pre-order new items or out-of-stock items should be included in your slips to help us gain profits from unavailable products. This procedure seems sophisticated. You may wonder how we know about the restock plan, how to estimate when it will be available, and how to notify customers. If your stores are on BigCommerce platforms, you should try to experience Backorder, a supportive assistant to cross out all your concerns above. 

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The packing slips seem like a standard notification about orders until we have some exclusive approach to utilize it and thus enhance customer engagement. As we say above, there are various ways to empower the packing slips. So you would better choose the best suitable ways with your business style to maximize future sales and brand reputation.

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