The easy ways to track Shopify discount code

3 easy ways to track Shopify discount code

Shopify provides you with 2 different types of discounts: automatic discount and discount code. The codes are usually used in special programs, like affiliate marketing, abandoned cart promo or any time merchants want to segment customers and purchase sources. 

However, when it comes to analytics, extensive use of codes can make tracking a time-consuming process. Let’s go through a few easy options to track and report Shopify discount code usage.

Sales by discount report

This report can be accessed from the sales reports list, or in the discount code’s performance section if you are using Shopify plan or above. Merchants can edit columns to show necessary information and export report files.

If you need a code performance report to evaluate campaigns and segments, this is the way to go.

sales by discount shopify report

However, it’s important to note that it can take 12 to 72 hours for orders to be shown in this report. Therefore, in case the codes are for special orders that need shorter fulfillment time, the following options are more suitable.

Filter search in order list

Simply paste your Shopify discount code into the order search bar, and it will pull out a list of orders that used this code.

shopify order list

Shopify also gives you the option to export this list with all data fields.

Automate your process

With extensive use of discount codes, using the above approaches can be tedious to both operation and productivity. Manual and repetitive tasks stall your store from scaling, so it is best to automate whenever possible.

For special orders

In case your Shopify discount code is for custom-made products or any orders that need attention, you might want to notify responsible staff immediately when the code is applied. The following workflow is an example:

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notify shopify discount code

Your automation system can automatically send him an email or add a card to his list on Trello.

For analytic purposes

When calculating payment for affiliate partners or performance metrics, you might want to have a constantly updating google sheet instead of manually exporting CSV. In that case, the following workflow will work wonder for you:

export to sheet

The flow will run whenever a new order is created and add data to your sheet, so your only remaining concern is the calculation formula.

Leverage tools and focus on what matters

The Shopify app store has a huge number of tools. While it can make you a bit overwhelmed, you are ensured that there will be a solution for you out there.

For example, Better Reports, Affiliate Marketing Program or Ergo Automation.

Besides tracking code and checking orders, there can also be various other manual tasks that are eating up your time for important duties. Not to mention that no business can grow when operational processes are inefficient. Hence, you should take advantage of available tools and get trivial tasks off your shoulders. For further question please contact us!


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