Best practice on BigCommerce Follow Up Email for Purchase Order

bigcommerce follow up email for purchase order

A BigCommerce follow up email for purchase order is an essential sales and marketing tool. It reassures customers that their order is legitimate, accurate, and from a real business – even if the brand is unfamiliar. These emails give customers peace of mind and help build loyalty. Around 70% get opened and they get 85% more clicks. That’s because 64% of customers view order confirmations as the most valuable email type. As such, it’s crucial to optimize these emails by following best practices when writing them.

Why Are Follow up Emails for Purchase Orders Important?

Order confirmation emails are more than just regular emails. They help meet a key psychological need for customers – reassurance. These emails also allow businesses to encourage repeat purchases and provide great customer service.

  • Bring assurance to customers 

Follow up emails for purchase order reassure customers, especially new ones, that the business won’t fraud them after getting payment details and that their order was received correctly and is being processed. 

  • Get customers engaged about their purchases: 

Confirmation emails also get customers excited about receiving their purchase. The email reminds them what they ordered and when it will be delivered. If a customer was thrilled when they initially bought the item, the confirmation email helps reignite that feeling of excitement. Getting customers pumped up lays the foundation for them to remain engaged with your brand in the future.

  • Cultivate a long-term customer relationship

Smart businesses use a BigCommerce follow up email for purchase order as tools for generating new leads and retaining existing customers. The emails can prompt people to sign up for newsletters, follow the brand’s social media, or refer friends. It’s also an ideal time to offer first-time buyer discounts or promotions to incentivize another purchase down the road.

  • Boost sales

Confirmation emails allow for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. You can recommend complementary products or upgrades that customers may be interested in based on their current order. Things like “Customers also bought…” sections can directly boost sales.

What to Include in Your Order Confirmation Email

A BigCommerce follow up email for purchase order should be concise but contain all the key details customers need to feel secure about their purchase. This includes:

  • Order Number – Place this prominently at the top so customers have it handy if they need to contact customer service.
  • Customer Contact Info – Include the customer’s phone number and email to reassure them they’ll receive any shipping updates.
  • Billing & Shipping Addresses – List out the billing and shipping addresses used to allow the customer to verify the information is correct.
  • Order Summary – Itemize each product being shipped with details like name, image, SKU, quantity, color/size, and unit price. This transparency builds trust.
  • Cost Breakdown – Clearly show a breakdown of all charges like product costs, taxes, shipping fees etc. Matching the checkout total provides reassurance.
  • Shipping Details – Confirm the shipping carrier, method (standard, expedited etc.), expected ship date from your warehouse, and estimated delivery date.
  • Contact Information – Provide your customer service email, phone number, social media handles and any other messaging channels customers can reach out on.

Best Practices on BigCommerce Follow Up Email for Purchase Order

Order confirmation emails are one of the simplest marketing emails you’ll send. However, it’s still important to follow some key best practices. This ensures a smooth experience for customers, increases chances they make another purchase, and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Send the Confirmation Right Away

As soon as someone makes a purchase on your site, trigger the order confirmation email to go out immediately. Getting this email promptly helps ease any anxiety the customer may have after hitting the “buy” button. Don’t leave them wondering if their order went through properly.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Most people these days make online purchases from their smartphones or tablets. In fact, nearly 73% of eCommerce orders happen on mobile devices. And 60% of people check email while on-the-go. So chances are high your confirmation will be read on a small screen.

Ensure the email displays correctly on mobile by using large clickable links, text sized for smaller screens, and a clean, simple layout. This provides a seamless experience whether they’re viewing on a desktop or mobile device.

Stay On-Brand

While order confirmations should be concise with all the necessary details, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Use your brand’s colors, logo, and a catchy tagline that gets customers excited (e.g. “It’s on its way!” or “Thanks for your order!”). Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into the messaging.

Write An Engaging Subject Line

Some brands use straightforward subject lines like “Your Order #12345 Receipt.” Others add a bit more flare. An engaging, on-brand subject line can grab attention and amplify the excitement.

Provide Opportunities To Engage Further

A BigCommerce follow up email for purchase orders is great for boosting customer engagement and retention, so take advantage of the opportunity while interest is high right after their purchase. Consider including click-worthy calls-to-action like:

  • Follow us on social media
  • Refer a friend or join our loyalty program
  • Subscribe to our email list
  • Redeem a discount on your next order
  • Shop related/complementary items
  • Contact customer support
  • Read our FAQs or blog

Express Gratitude

With so many online shopping options available, don’t forget to thank the customer for choosing your brand. A simple “Thank you for your purchase!” goes a long way in making customers feel valued and appreciated. Building that brand loyalty is increasingly difficult, so expressing gratitude can help strengthen the relationship.

Send a Separate Shipping Confirmation

Even if you included an estimated delivery date in the initial order confirmation, send a separate notification once the item actually ships. This can be done via email or SMS (if the customer opts in). Receiving this second shipping confirmation provides extra reassurance and builds excitement as the delivery date nears.

Take Advantage of Specialized Software –  BigCommerce automation

Rather than manually sending out these important transactional emails, take advantage of specialized software and services that can streamline and automate eCommerce. Atom8 from Grit Global will ensure customers get timely notifications without adding extra work for your team.

This powerful BigCommerce automation tool automates personalized follow-up sequences, ensuring timely and relevant communication. With Atom8, you can nurture customer relationships, promote repeat purchases, and gather valuable feedback, all while streamlining your BigCommerce operations. That’s how you can boost the power of automation to deliver exceptional post-purchase experiences and drive customer loyalty.

To Sum Up,

A BigCommerce follow up email for purchase orders is more than just transaction receipts. When done right, they build customer trust, get people excited for their purchase, and encourage repeat business. The key is sending timely, branded confirmations right after purchase, including clear order details and shipping information, expressing gratitude for their business, and providing easy ways for customers to engage further.

Email automation tools like Atom8 allow you to automate and optimize this process. With customizable templates and workflows, you can ensure professional, on-brand order confirmations go out seamlessly. Want to unlock the full potential of your BigCommerce follow up email for purchase order? Contact us today!


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