Best Tools to Track Conversion Rate

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Conversion rate is the determining factor of an eCommerce success. There are many tasks to be done while launching an online business. You will have to decide what items you want to sell, your suppliers, then how to set up the store, and create paid advertising to market your brand.

Yet this is clearly not everything. The digital world is highly competitive, and you have to up your game to get consistent customers. You need to encourage your buyers to buy from your shop. However, how can you convert these customers to become loyal clients?

What is the eCommerce conversion rate?

To increase your sales and revenue, you need to have a high conversion rate. The eCommerce conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who buy items from your store at a particular period. Nevertheless, it is just one way to measure your online store’s success. Examples of conversions include:

  • Social media shares
  • An online sale
  • Email signups
  • A user adding an item to their wishlist or cart

How is the conversion rate calculated?

Peradventure, everything goes right in your marketing plan; you are expected to win the sale within approximately 2 percent. To understand how to calculate the eCommerce conversion rate, let’s use an example.

For instance, your online store gets 10,000 visitors with 100 conversions within a particular timeframe. It means your store’s conversion rate is 1 percent. To get this, you divide the number of conversions by the number of visitors.

3 tools to track conversion rate

There are numerous tools available to track the conversion rate of your online store. Even if you have issues with analyzing your conversion rates, these tools are invaluable for your online business. Let’s look at the best 3 tools for this task.

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If you want a simple conversion rate tool for your online store, HotJar comes in handy.  It helps you understand how users interact with your website. It also allows you to set attribute-based features on country, length, device, page views, etc. Furthermore, you can always combine different data to get deeper segmentation.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is easy to set up and gives you a broader view of what is happening on your websites. You can access the number of visitors – where they come from, are they new or returning visitors, do they stand on your website? What pages do they visit? Importantly, you can use this to grow your online store. Above all, Google Analytics is free.

BigCommerce Analytics

If you think Google Analytics is complicated, then BigCommerce is another option to consider. There’s an administrative section within your store that allows you to see all abandoned carts and much more. You can take advantage of the multiple analytics dashboards when you want to know how to boost your conversion rate.

Boost your conversion rate with automation

There are a lot of things you need to do to keep a high conversion rate. This includes running advertising, managing inventory levels, providing customer support, and many more. Altogether, they are relatively overwhelming. Therefore, a lot of online stores are implementing automation platform to get rid of repetitive tasks. 

atom8 app to increase conversion rate

Automation app allows for:

  • Auto-publish products and banners
  • Auto-categorize orders according to value, billing address, etc
  • Auto-segment customer based on demographics, spending, the total number of order, etc
  • Auto-tag customers on CRM, email marketing, and delivery platforms
  • Auto-notify of low-stock items, abandoned cart, or high-value orders
  • Auto-detect and halt high-risk orders
  • Auto-generate reports & lists on Google Sheet 
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Integrate Atom8 to your BigCommerce store today and get your hand free from these tedious tasks. 



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