Best ways to schedule multiple marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce store

schedule multiple marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are vital for any businesses that want to boost revenues and accompany with their customers for a long time. In fact, a lot of BigCommerce stores put a lot of effort on enhancing marketing approaches to achieve higher effectiveness. Our article today will contribute to your marketing journey with some suggested methods to schedule to multiple marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce stores without sacrificing too many company resources.

Approaches To Schedule Multiple Marketing Campaigns

Black Friday Campaigns

Best ways schedule to multiple marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce store

Your BigCommerce store will need an updated appearance for every Black Friday campaign, including new products and banners. If you selling a wide range of products, you may feel tired when updating products and sale prices for your sales campaigns. Therefore, it’s necessary to take advantage of a tool to automate those tasks based on pre-set workflow and scheduled dates and times. For example, you can use Atom8 to set the time and choose certain product categories to appear. Also, you can add discounts on sales products and set an amount of time for the buyers to make a purchase at a lower price. After your store’s Black Friday campaign, the prices will turn back to normal automatically

Content Marketing Campaigns

Best ways schedule to multiple marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce store

Content marketing is an essential part of a wide range of marketing campaigns. There are certain dates and times to publish your blogs and articles on different social platforms and your staff need to stay online to post the content on time. However, we have a more convenient approach to launching content marketing campaigns on different platforms: using an automation application. For example, Atom8 can automatically public your content following your timeline; you only need to import the content, set the time and keep track via performance reports. 

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Best ways schedule to multiple marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce store

Email marketing is considered a powerful marketing approach to deliver direct messages and come closer to the target audience. Before sending email marketing, your team needs to categorize customers into different groups based on lifetime spending, past purchases, interactions, personal preferences, etc. to bring helpful information. Therefore, email marketing with personalized content can reach the receivers and give them needed content. That approach will no longer disturb your target audience like spam emails but offers them attractive opportunities to have better deals and shopping experiences in your BigCommerce stores. Fortunately, there are several kinds of automation applications that can assist you in preparing emails and integrate with email marketing apps such as Mailchimp to automatically broadcast emails to your pre-set receivers. If you want to find an option on BIgCommerce platforms that can handle all mentioned tasks, you can fulfill your expectation with Atom8.

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With our tips, we hope you will no longer feel tired during marketing campaigns. If you want to find a really powerful tool to schedule multiple marketing campaigns for your BigCommerce stores, you can try Atom8 as the best option.

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