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One of the many useful forms that facilitates information exchange between firms is a request for quotation (RFQ). It’s an essential component of any comprehensive procurement toolbox. When utilized appropriately, the RFQ is a great tool for productive and economical sourcing. When used properly, RFQs can be beneficial. In comparison to their more popular counterpart, the RFP, they provide faster outcomes.

It is true that procurement terminology and RFX paperwork might be unclear. Thus, a detailed examination of the request for quotation will be provided in this piece. We’ll start by explaining what an RFQ is, when to utilize it, and how it works.

What is a request for quotations?

Requests for quotations, or RFQs, are formal documents that buyers use to request comprehensive bids from possible suppliers. In this procedure, the buyer specifies what they need in terms of a specific good or service, and vendors are asked to provide their price lists and terms of payment.

An RFQ is primarily used to standardize the purchasing procedure so that purchasers may consistently compare and assess vendor offerings. RFQs simplify comparisons so that buyers can make well-informed decisions and determine which competing suppliers offer the best value.

When to use RFQ

An RFQ is a great tool, but it isn’t appropriate in every procurement scenario. An request for quotation is typically used for direct spending since cost is its main priority. For instance, you might use an RFQ to buy particular goods like materials, office supplies, or hardware. They can also be used for indirect spending. However, it’s crucial to be completely specific about what you need when using the request for quotes form to find complicated items and services.

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Consider an RFQ to be a simple pre-order form that outlines the particular requirements for a product or service. You can make sure to include every possible variable in your request for a quote with the help of Gritglobal.

How to simplify Request For Quotation & Personalize Experience

Define the request

To begin customizing a quote, thoroughly comprehend the customer’s requirements. What are their budget, preferences, obstacles, and goals? Which important factors do they consider when assessing your solution? To what extent is their issue urgent, and how quickly do they require a solution? Inquiring open-ended questions, actively listening, looking for pain points, and summarizing their demands are just a few methods you might utilize to get this information. You’ll be able to better customize your estimate to the customer’s request the more information you have about it.

Personalize quotes

Customizing the quotation is a good way to stand out among the numerous quotes that other people have sent in order to get the customer’s attention. In addition to a comprehensive and consistent template (logo, branding, slogan, electronic signature) that conveys professionalism, your quote must stand out on its own to attract clients.

Tailoring the quote is one of the best strategies. When customers receive your personalized quote with a message or brief commentary, they will be more likely to pay attention to it. The used quotation template should not be copied and pasted. To better fit the audience, you should, at minimum, slightly alter the material. Remember that you must give clients a great experience if you want valued orders!

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Draw attention to the advantages

Emphasize the advantages of your solution for the client as the next stage in personalizing a quote. How does your solution solve their problem and respond to their particular request? What benefit do you provide that your rivals don’t? How do you calculate your solution’s return on investment (ROI) and share it with others? A variety of strategies, including narrative, case studies, testimonials, and graphics, can be employed to emphasize the advantages. You can better justify your price and convince a customer to buy your product if you demonstrate to them how it will help them reach their goals.

On-time quote delivery

For an order to become a sale, it is essential that the customer’s time be respected. Getting a quote at the precise moment that’s scheduled is something that many customers—mostly busy wholesalers—want to do. Reputation building and positive customer experiences are enhanced when quotations are sent to clients on schedule. For example, Atom8 B2B can help suppliers automate the process of quantity checking when merchants request a quote.You easily identify if the product stock is enough for supplement.

To encourage a customer to behave, you can include incentives. What can you add to your quote to make it more appealing and persuasive? How can you compel a customer to respond quickly by instilling a sense of scarcity and urgency? How can you address any reservations or worries the client may have? To provide incentives, you can employ a variety of strategies, including discounts, free trials, gifts, assurances, and recommendations. Your conversion rates will go up the more you convince the buyer that they are getting a terrific bargain and that they might lose out if they don’t act right now.

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E-signature setup for a quote

It’s too archaic to use scanned or faxed signatures anymore. The process of obtaining both parties’ consent through paperwork and traditional signatures is time-consuming. Given that it is simple for anyone to copy, the traditional paper signature on high-value wholesale purchases indicates a lack of security.

In addition to its speedy operation, which enables you to finalize orders as soon as the consumer gives you permission to proceed to the next phase of the checkout process, the electronic signature now assures a high level of safety and security.


For B2B eCommerce companies hoping to improve client satisfaction, boost sales, and optimize their sales operations, effective quotation management is essential. Businesses can create precise and customized estimates that meet their unique business requirements by integrating a comprehensive request for quotation function on their website. Gritglobal can help you optimize your quote process and personalize the customer experience. Contact us now!


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