Prevent Customer Frustration with BigCommerce Automation in Action

bigcommerce automation

Automation of the customer experience makes sense because the majority of actions in this industry are digital. Streamlining your e-commerce process with Bigcommerce automation can help you achieve faster production rates while removing bottlenecks and providing consistent consumer experiences. Let’s jump into the customer experience and its importance to your organization before delving deeply into Bigcommerce automation. How is Bigcommerce automation important to the consumer experience? The main focus of customer experience is how clients feel and interpret their interactions with a company. A customer’s decision to become a devoted advocate can be influenced by all of their contacts with a company. There are numerous advantages for your company when you successfully meet the expectations of your clients. It gives you a competitive advantage over your competition, boosts satisfaction, and encourages sustainable growth.  Making your consumers feel valued and happy is at the core of the customer experience. Therefore, there isn’t a secret recipe to use. Don’t worry, though. By paying attention to the opinions and concerns of your customers, you may provide them with a remarkable experience. One way to learn about the requirements and desires of your clients is by using an online form. Additionally beneficial is proactive communication, especially for consumers who are investigating a product. Use it to inform customers of the new items or features that are accessible on your website. Additionally useful for reconciling or lowering cart abandonment rates is proactive marketing. To make amends for any difficulties or to encourage a continuation of the connection following a minor mistake, you can present a gift, such as a discount code. E-commerce automation software like Gritglobal enables businesses to provide a consistent and seamless client experience, which is crucial for success. All organizational departments must, however, work closely together on this one. Many firms use Bigcommerce automation for the entire operation to save time and resources, avoiding this extra effort. How better customer experiences are achieved through automation  Simplify the process of inventory management Automating your inventory management process is the best method to handle all of your inventory management problems. This is where Bigcommerce automation in e-commerce might be useful. The majority of eCommerce companies handle their operations using a variety of methods. It might be your e-commerce platform, a warehouse management system, an enterprise resource planning system, a procurement management system, or a customer relationship management system. You can obtain a real-time, consolidated view of your inventory by integrating all of these systems. Task assigning automatically Automating your tasks is part of providing robotic experiences to your customers. To better service the consumers, you must delegate the pertinent tasks to the appropriate team members and staff. Assign assignments automatically based on the needs and expectations of your customers. To engage with a consumer and provide them with all the information they require, for example, automatically allocate tasks to the sales and marketing groups when they inquire about a specific product or service. Streamline multichannel consumer interactions In order to be competitive, online firms need to offer omnichannel commerce experiences, as modern consumers purchase across various media. Customers may purchase in real time through a seamless and integrated experience thanks to omnichannel commerce, which unites all available channels. Keeping track of client interactions by hand across several channels is difficult and time-consuming. It can be simplified with Bigcommerce automation while maintaining the same essential insights. Usually, automating client interactions involves a lot of bespoke coding and labor-intensive work. However, a vast array of tools are now available to everyone, from tiny businesses to large corporations, thanks to modern technology.  Automation expedites processing and validates orders The majority of e-commerce companies link their social media accounts to their online store. Managing every order by hand is error-prone and can cause irritation. You may swiftly and accurately fulfill orders with the aid of Bigcommerce automation. Automating the verification procedure is a good place to start. Your system will alert customers as soon as a successful transaction has occurred and update the inventory status in response to orders placed by customers. Even more, you can automate operations by integrating different solutions with your current business systems. Focus and segment You may obtain useful information about the preferences and behavior of your customers through eCommerce automation. With the use of this data, you can divide up your clientele into more manageable groups and then send offers and messages that are specifically tailored to each group. Additionally, companies are able to monitor user behavior on their websites and identify the most popular products. More significantly, highly targeted marketing campaigns allow you to retarget visitors to your e-commerce website who leave without purchasing. Keep customers from leaving The percentage of consumers who discontinue doing business with you or stop making purchases is known as customer churn. It is important to recognize and comprehend consumer behavior because this is a measure to which you should pay great attention. To find out why your churn occurred, you can utilize cohort analysis or churn by behavior. Once the cause has been determined, each behavior can have an automated response established. This activity will result in a notification that can be sent to you by email or messaging app right away. Browser testing is automated to improve user experiences Internet browsers are always changing to meet the needs and demands of users. Additionally, the majority of the time, new updates are installed automatically. Your current Bigcommerce automation may be at risk due to these modifications. Automation can be used to run tests on browsers. After setting it up, it will test each new UI modification. When the new update interferes with your current automatic processes, you will be notified. Wrap up Automation is not new. By incorporating it into your customer experience, you may improve communication and reduce misunderstandings. Selecting what you can automate is the next stage. To save time and effort while planning, it seems logical to determine which areas and procedures stand to gain the most from Bigcommerce automation. Gritglobal 

BigCommerce B2B: Simplify Request For Quotation & Personalize Experience

request for quotation

One of the many useful forms that facilitates information exchange between firms is a request for quotation (RFQ). It’s an essential component of any comprehensive procurement toolbox. When utilized appropriately, the RFQ is a great tool for productive and economical sourcing. When used properly, RFQs can be beneficial. In comparison to their more popular counterpart, the RFP, they provide faster outcomes. It is true that procurement terminology and RFX paperwork might be unclear. Thus, a detailed examination of the request for quotation will be provided in this piece. We’ll start by explaining what an RFQ is, when to utilize it, and how it works. What is a request for quotations? Requests for quotations, or RFQs, are formal documents that buyers use to request comprehensive bids from possible suppliers. In this procedure, the buyer specifies what they need in terms of a specific good or service, and vendors are asked to provide their price lists and terms of payment. An RFQ is primarily used to standardize the purchasing procedure so that purchasers may consistently compare and assess vendor offerings. RFQs simplify comparisons so that buyers can make well-informed decisions and determine which competing suppliers offer the best value. When to use RFQ An RFQ is a great tool, but it isn’t appropriate in every procurement scenario. An request for quotation is typically used for direct spending since cost is its main priority. For instance, you might use an RFQ to buy particular goods like materials, office supplies, or hardware. They can also be used for indirect spending. However, it’s crucial to be completely specific about what you need when using the request for quotes form to find complicated items and services. Consider an RFQ to be a simple pre-order form that outlines the particular requirements for a product or service. You can make sure to include every possible variable in your request for a quote with the help of Gritglobal. How to simplify Request For Quotation & Personalize Experience Define the request To begin customizing a quote, thoroughly comprehend the customer’s requirements. What are their budget, preferences, obstacles, and goals? Which important factors do they consider when assessing your solution? To what extent is their issue urgent, and how quickly do they require a solution? Inquiring open-ended questions, actively listening, looking for pain points, and summarizing their demands are just a few methods you might utilize to get this information. You’ll be able to better customize your estimate to the customer’s request the more information you have about it. Personalize quotes Customizing the quotation is a good way to stand out among the numerous quotes that other people have sent in order to get the customer’s attention. In addition to a comprehensive and consistent template (logo, branding, slogan, electronic signature) that conveys professionalism, your quote must stand out on its own to attract clients. Tailoring the quote is one of the best strategies. When customers receive your personalized quote with a message or brief commentary, they will be more likely to pay attention to it. The used quotation template should not be copied and pasted. To better fit the audience, you should, at minimum, slightly alter the material. Remember that you must give clients a great experience if you want valued orders! Draw attention to the advantages Emphasize the advantages of your solution for the client as the next stage in personalizing a quote. How does your solution solve their problem and respond to their particular request? What benefit do you provide that your rivals don’t? How do you calculate your solution’s return on investment (ROI) and share it with others? A variety of strategies, including narrative, case studies, testimonials, and graphics, can be employed to emphasize the advantages. You can better justify your price and convince a customer to buy your product if you demonstrate to them how it will help them reach their goals. On-time quote delivery For an order to become a sale, it is essential that the customer’s time be respected. Getting a quote at the precise moment that’s scheduled is something that many customers—mostly busy wholesalers—want to do. Reputation building and positive customer experiences are enhanced when quotations are sent to clients on schedule. For example, Atom8 B2B can help suppliers automate the process of quantity checking when merchants request a quote.You easily identify if the product stock is enough for supplement. To encourage a customer to behave, you can include incentives. What can you add to your quote to make it more appealing and persuasive? How can you compel a customer to respond quickly by instilling a sense of scarcity and urgency? How can you address any reservations or worries the client may have? To provide incentives, you can employ a variety of strategies, including discounts, free trials, gifts, assurances, and recommendations. Your conversion rates will go up the more you convince the buyer that they are getting a terrific bargain and that they might lose out if they don’t act right now. E-signature setup for a quote It’s too archaic to use scanned or faxed signatures anymore. The process of obtaining both parties’ consent through paperwork and traditional signatures is time-consuming. Given that it is simple for anyone to copy, the traditional paper signature on high-value wholesale purchases indicates a lack of security. In addition to its speedy operation, which enables you to finalize orders as soon as the consumer gives you permission to proceed to the next phase of the checkout process, the electronic signature now assures a high level of safety and security. Conclusion For B2B eCommerce companies hoping to improve client satisfaction, boost sales, and optimize their sales operations, effective quotation management is essential. Businesses can create precise and customized estimates that meet their unique business requirements by integrating a comprehensive request for quotation function on their website. Gritglobal can help you optimize your quote process and personalize the customer experience. Contact us now!

BigCommerce B2B Email Automation for Beginners

B2B email automation marketing might seem like a factory for IT, fit exclusively for big businesses with hundreds or even thousands of staff working like well-oiled gears. Things have changed if this was ever true. Businesses of all sizes, small and medium-sized, may now afford and utilize email automation. In fact, if you want your campaigns to generate more income than traditional marketing emails and be viewed and clicked on more frequently, email marketing automation is a necessity. How is this achieved using automation? What is email automation? The technique of automatically sending emails to your contacts depending on things that happened during their purchasing experience with your company is known as B2B email automation. These actions could include downloading an app, making a purchase, or even just going to a particular page on your website. Marketers have the ability to craft customized emails that are sent to their target audience based on whether or not they complete a particular task. By integrating your email marketing tool with your website analytics, you can target individuals based on their past sales, preferences, and activity. After that, you can make each customer’s experience unique and make your automated campaigns more relevant. Benefits of email automation for your BigCommerce store Personalized Customer Experience An B2B email automation technology cannot accomplish personalization on its own. It can only give you the tools like Gritglobal necessary to create a customized experience. However, using email automation strategies will enable you to provide your customers with a customized experience. Re-establish Contact with Lost Customers It’s possible that a large number of your email list’s current subscribers no longer make purchases from your company. You can re-engage them and get them back to your store by using email automation. You can insert some exclusive deals or promo codes into a customized email. Also, send those emails to clients who haven’t made a purchase in the last two, three, or six months. This will encourage those current clients to come back to your store and make purchases. Scalable marketing plan Sending out automated emails allows you to expand your email marketing campaigns. You do not need to confirm that a staff member is available to sign up new users for your mailing list when you have configured your platform to send a message each time a user completes a custom signup form.  Brand awareness Businesses can give more information or discounts on past purchases to clients who have already shown interest in what they offer using B2B email automation. It helps current customers become more aware of your brand and motivates them to promote it through word-of-mouth marketing or recommendations. Boosts income Email marketing automation allows you to set up many campaigns. Your revenues will gradually rise as a result of these email campaigns’ assistance in boosting sales, attracting repeat business, and word-of-mouth marketing. One of the best marketing avenues for recovering abandoned carts is email marketing. Additionally, you can use email automation to automate this procedure by setting up simple campaigns for cart recovery. You can remind users to finish their purchases by sending them an email under these campaigns. Tips for b2b email automation The following advice will help your new automated email approach function as efficiently as possible: Understand your email automation objectives It’s critical to understand what you want from an email automation solution. Determine which email formats the email automation program will automatically generate. For example, you might choose to automate emails for onboarding, welcome, and so on. Since you must continue to provide unique material each time you send a newsletter, you may decide to use a semi-automated email technique. The majority of emails sent to customer service can be automated. Nonetheless, there will be consumer inquiries that call for extra care.  Divide up your email collections Leads and signups from multiple sources are required. It seems like they joined for different reasons. It’s possible that the clients requiring a seamless onboarding process aren’t utilizing your product for the same purposes. if the characteristics of your leads, signups, and clients differ. It is not appropriate to use an identical B2B email automation campaign for each of them. It’s critical to appropriately segment your email lists. Sending timely, targeted, and relevant automated emails can be facilitated by segmenting your email lists.  Ensure that your email appears well on mobile devices Making sure your email appears well on mobile devices is also crucial. Although it may seem apparent, a lot of businesses neglect to make their emails mobile-friendly, which can lead to clients getting them completely unformatted or without any photos. This will give the impression that you didn’t even give a damn about making sure they had a positive opening experience in their inboxes. Keep an eye on the campaigns for email automation Make sure you pay close attention to the B2B email automation campaigns. Make sure the automation isn’t malfunctioning. If you make even one tiny mistake, your entire email marketing automation process could go completely wrong. It could be anything from incorrectly configuring emails for your workflow to an issue with the email marketing automation tool you are utilizing. Right time to send emails You send emails with the intention of getting responses from recipients. Even good messages might become overwhelming if they are sent in excess. Sending an email after a purchase will make recipients feel inundated with information and discourage them from replying. Sending no more than one email a week is the ideal strategy. That allows individuals to process the information and ensures that it is pertinent without becoming overpowering. Conclusion Every business now uses B2B email automation on a regular basis. Various forms of email automation can be configured based on the recipient’s activities, behavior, and schedule. To stay on course, make sure you configure your email automation correctly and adhere to best practices. Gritglobal can assist you in optimizing your revenue and getting the most out of your email marketing solutions. Contact us now!

Why is B2B Customer Segmentation Important? Increase Conversion Rates

B2B customer segmentation

Customers are a vital component of any business plan. Since their requirements are different, so should the methods used to address them such as B2B customer segmentation. The aim of a marketer is to increase revenue and win over customers. In today’s highly competitive B2B industry, it’s critical for companies to comprehend their clientele and adjust their strategy accordingly. One way to help you achieve that is to segment your B2B clientele. By segmenting your consumer base into smaller groups according to particular attributes, you can obtain important insights into the demands, behaviors, and purchasing patterns of your consumer base. This post will discuss the advantages of B2B customer segmentation and provide initial tips for increasing conversion rates. Understanding customer segmentation The technique of breaking up a large client base into smaller groups according to shared traits, including behavior, psychographics, and demographics, is known as customer segmentation. Understanding the particular requirements and traits of each group is the aim of B2B customer segmentation, which is then used to develop more specialized and successful marketing tactics. For instance, you can discover that certain clients cherish a close personal connection with their vendor while others place a higher priority on speed and ease. Your sales and marketing campaigns can be more effectively tailored to each segment’s demands by being aware of these distinctions, which will raise conversion rates. Ultimately, one of the most important initial steps in successfully segmenting your B2B customer base is to understand your customer segments and their distinct qualities. You’ll obtain insightful knowledge by doing this, and it will help you thrive in the cutthroat B2B market of today by influencing every facet of your business plan. Benefits of customer segmentation Different b2b customer segmentation strategies could help businesses better understand and service their clientele. Businesses can gain a better understanding of what customers want and need by segmenting their customer base into smaller groups based on shared traits or demands. This makes it easier for them to focus their efforts on customer service, R&D, and marketing. Increase in income You benefit financially when you give your clients value. By breaking down your audience into smaller groups, you should be able to convince potential clients that your offering will meet their unique demands and boost revenue. Improve user experience Examine the UX components that are beneficial and those that aren’t for different client categories. You may discover where clients are more likely to churn, for example, if you split your customer base according to the sales cycle. Once you’ve located and fixed common pain points, the issue is resolved. Gritglobal helps you find your most valuable consumers by using segmentation. You can avoid trying to optimize for every possible consumer and product at once and instead concentrate your efforts on making the experience better for your best and most lucrative customers. Improved comprehension of customer wants Segmenting customers’ needs and preferences yields important information about each group’s requirements. By doing this, you may better understand what motivates each group to behave and apply that knowledge to increase your conversion rates. Enhanced productivity By targeting your marketing efforts to the groups most likely to convert, B2B customer segmentation increases efficiency. As a result, you can use your resources more wisely and save money and effort on marketing initiatives that aren’t connecting with your target demographic. Enhanced creation of new products Segmenting your audience will help you learn more about your clients and their needs, which you can use to inform future product development. You can create items that better meet the needs of your customers by positioning your offerings differently for each client segment and offering them more value. Cost-effective marketing It is a waste of money to invest it in ineffective marketing techniques. A strong b2b customer segmentation approach can help you design campaigns that are more personalized and targeted.  How to apply B2B customer segmentation to increase conversion rates Your objectives  You should establish your objectives up front. With regard to your segmentation approach, what are your goals? Enhanced visibility, lower expenses, or more leads? Your individual goals will determine the most effective method for b2b customer segmentation among the many options available. Knowing what you want to accomplish is the first step toward creating a plan of action. Segmenting your audience based on past purchases could be a good idea if your objective is to increase ROI. You might make offers and content specifically for each area as a result. However, segmenting your audience based on geography may be more advantageous if cost-cutting is your main objective, as it will help you target your ads more effectively and pay less for advertisements. Source customer data To find out more about the various kinds of clients you serve, you must employ a range of data sources and techniques. With data from many sources and methods, an accurate and trustworthy consumer group is created. Your online store, social media accounts, and other channels provide you with information on consumer behavior that is analyzed. There may also be other research techniques employed, such as focus groups and surveys. Segmentation Criteria The characteristics, objectives, and aspirations of your clientele should guide your choice of segmentation criteria. You can utilize a number of significant, pertinent, and practical tools to determine which groups are most likely to find your content interesting. Finally, conduct additional tests to validate, enhance, and refine the accuracy and utility of your B2B customer segmentation. You may improve the dependability and utility of your segments by gathering input from partners and consumers, as well as by adding more data. For example, you can categorize your clientele according to the kind of business you own. If you run a Shopify store that offers bulk items, it’s critical to understand the needs and preferences of both B2B and B2C clients.  Appropriate approaches It is essential to inform and direct your sales and marketing initiatives with the data you collected during the process of identifying your consumer segments. Utilizing segmentation

Top 5 BigCommerce Low Cost Inventory Management Software Options

top bigcommerce low cost inventory management software

Good morning, fellow BigCommerce store owners! Let’s talk about something crucial for our businesses: inventory management. Keeping track of inventory can be a headache, especially when balancing costs and efficiency. But fear not! We’re here to shed some light on the five top bigcommerce low cost inventory management software options that are tailor-made for stores like ours. What is Inventory Management Software? Inventory management software is a specialized tool designed to assist businesses in efficiently tracking, organizing, and optimizing their inventory levels and operations. Specifically tailored for e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, this software centralizes inventory-related tasks, providing real-time insights into stock levels, movement, and order fulfillment processes. Top 5 BigCommerce Low Cost Inventory Management Software Options Atom8 Atom is one of the five top bigcommerce low cost inventory management software options, which is the priority for business owner Pricing Plans: Atom8 offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to suit the needs and budgets of different businesses. Atom8 typically offers tiered pricing options, allowing users to select a plan based on the number of orders or SKUs they need to manage and additional features they may require. Features: Atom8 boasts a wide range of features designed to streamline inventory management processes for BigCommerce stores. Some of the critical features of Atom8 include: Back Order Back Order refers to a customer requesting a product that is temporarily out of stock, and the order is placed on hold until the item becomes available again. When seeking top bigcommerce low cost inventory management software, it’s essential to find a solution that efficiently handles back orders, ensuring seamless customer experience and optimized inventory control. Pricing Plans: Back Order offers flexible pricing plans tailored to suit the needs and budgets of different businesses. The software provides various pricing tiers, allowing users to select a plan based on their specific requirements and the scale of their operations. Pricing plans typically vary based on factors such as the number of users, the volume of orders, or the level of functionality needed.  Features: Back Order offers comprehensive features designed to streamline backorder inventory management and improve operational efficiency for BigCommerce stores. Some key features of Back Order include: EMERGE App GE App is recognized as one of the top bigcommerce low cost inventory management software, providing robust features to handle backorders effectively. Pricing Plans: A variety of price tiers are available from EMERGE App to meet the various requirements of companies. Pricing may be divided into tiers according to variables like the quantity of orders placed, the number of users, or the need for more features.  Features: EMERGE App boasts comprehensive features designed to streamline inventory management processes and enhance businesses’ operational efficiency. Some key features of EMERGE App include: Orderhive With its extensive feature set to handle backorders and optimize inventory control procedures efficiently, Orderhive stands out as one of the top bigcommerce low cost inventory management software. Pricing Plans: Orderhive provides customizable price options to meet the demands and scale of different types of enterprises. Usually, the program offers tiers of pricing so that customers may choose a plan according to the quantity of orders, the number of users, or the necessary degree of functionality. Features: Orderhive offers comprehensive features designed to streamline business order and inventory management processes. Some key features of Orderhive include: Zoho Inventory Zoho Inventory is another excellent option for top bigcommerce low cost inventory management software. Its extensive feature set allows it to manage inventory costs and successfully handle back orders. Pricing Plans: Flexible price options are provided by Zoho Inventory to accommodate the requirements of companies of all sizes. The application often has price levels that let customers select a plan based on the number of orders, the number of users, or the level of functionality that is required.   Features: Zoho Inventory offers comprehensive features aimed at streamlining inventory management processes for businesses. Some key features of Zoho Inventory include: Conclusion In conclusion, this article has provided an insightful overview of five top Bigcommerce low cost inventory management software options. Each platform offers a unique blend of features, pricing plans, and integrations to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Please contact us with further inquiries or for assistance selecting the right inventory management solution for your BigCommerce store.

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