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Automation of the customer experience makes sense because the majority of actions in this industry are digital. Streamlining your e-commerce process with Bigcommerce automation can help you achieve faster production rates while removing bottlenecks and providing consistent consumer experiences.

Let’s jump into the customer experience and its importance to your organization before delving deeply into Bigcommerce automation.

How is Bigcommerce automation important to the consumer experience?

The main focus of customer experience is how clients feel and interpret their interactions with a company. A customer’s decision to become a devoted advocate can be influenced by all of their contacts with a company.

There are numerous advantages for your company when you successfully meet the expectations of your clients. It gives you a competitive advantage over your competition, boosts satisfaction, and encourages sustainable growth. 

Making your consumers feel valued and happy is at the core of the customer experience. Therefore, there isn’t a secret recipe to use. Don’t worry, though. By paying attention to the opinions and concerns of your customers, you may provide them with a remarkable experience.

One way to learn about the requirements and desires of your clients is by using an online form. Additionally beneficial is proactive communication, especially for consumers who are investigating a product. Use it to inform customers of the new items or features that are accessible on your website.

Additionally useful for reconciling or lowering cart abandonment rates is proactive marketing. To make amends for any difficulties or to encourage a continuation of the connection following a minor mistake, you can present a gift, such as a discount code.

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E-commerce automation software like Gritglobal enables businesses to provide a consistent and seamless client experience, which is crucial for success. All organizational departments must, however, work closely together on this one. Many firms use Bigcommerce automation for the entire operation to save time and resources, avoiding this extra effort.

How better customer experiences are achieved through automation 

Simplify the process of inventory management

Automating your inventory management process is the best method to handle all of your inventory management problems. This is where Bigcommerce automation in e-commerce might be useful. The majority of eCommerce companies handle their operations using a variety of methods.

It might be your e-commerce platform, a warehouse management system, an enterprise resource planning system, a procurement management system, or a customer relationship management system. You can obtain a real-time, consolidated view of your inventory by integrating all of these systems.

Task assigning automatically

Automating your tasks is part of providing robotic experiences to your customers. To better service the consumers, you must delegate the pertinent tasks to the appropriate team members and staff. Assign assignments automatically based on the needs and expectations of your customers. To engage with a consumer and provide them with all the information they require, for example, automatically allocate tasks to the sales and marketing groups when they inquire about a specific product or service.

Streamline multichannel consumer interactions

In order to be competitive, online firms need to offer omnichannel commerce experiences, as modern consumers purchase across various media. Customers may purchase in real time through a seamless and integrated experience thanks to omnichannel commerce, which unites all available channels.

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Keeping track of client interactions by hand across several channels is difficult and time-consuming. It can be simplified with Bigcommerce automation while maintaining the same essential insights.

Usually, automating client interactions involves a lot of bespoke coding and labor-intensive work. However, a vast array of tools are now available to everyone, from tiny businesses to large corporations, thanks to modern technology. 

Automation expedites processing and validates orders

The majority of e-commerce companies link their social media accounts to their online store. Managing every order by hand is error-prone and can cause irritation. You may swiftly and accurately fulfill orders with the aid of Bigcommerce automation.

Automating the verification procedure is a good place to start. Your system will alert customers as soon as a successful transaction has occurred and update the inventory status in response to orders placed by customers. Even more, you can automate operations by integrating different solutions with your current business systems.

Focus and segment

You may obtain useful information about the preferences and behavior of your customers through eCommerce automation. With the use of this data, you can divide up your clientele into more manageable groups and then send offers and messages that are specifically tailored to each group.

Additionally, companies are able to monitor user behavior on their websites and identify the most popular products. More significantly, highly targeted marketing campaigns allow you to retarget visitors to your e-commerce website who leave without purchasing.

Keep customers from leaving

The percentage of consumers who discontinue doing business with you or stop making purchases is known as customer churn. It is important to recognize and comprehend consumer behavior because this is a measure to which you should pay great attention. To find out why your churn occurred, you can utilize cohort analysis or churn by behavior.

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Once the cause has been determined, each behavior can have an automated response established. This activity will result in a notification that can be sent to you by email or messaging app right away.

Browser testing is automated to improve user experiences

Internet browsers are always changing to meet the needs and demands of users. Additionally, the majority of the time, new updates are installed automatically. Your current Bigcommerce automation may be at risk due to these modifications.

Automation can be used to run tests on browsers. After setting it up, it will test each new UI modification. When the new update interferes with your current automatic processes, you will be notified.

Wrap up

Automation is not new. By incorporating it into your customer experience, you may improve communication and reduce misunderstandings. Selecting what you can automate is the next stage. To save time and effort while planning, it seems logical to determine which areas and procedures stand to gain the most from Bigcommerce automation.

Gritglobal  – a robust platform, has the ability to propel your company’s performance to new heights with Bigcommerce automation. Therefore, it’s time to replace the antiquated manual operations with sophisticated automation methods. Contact us now!


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