BigCommerce B2B Email Automation for Beginners


B2B email automation marketing might seem like a factory for IT, fit exclusively for big businesses with hundreds or even thousands of staff working like well-oiled gears. Things have changed if this was ever true. Businesses of all sizes, small and medium-sized, may now afford and utilize email automation.

In fact, if you want your campaigns to generate more income than traditional marketing emails and be viewed and clicked on more frequently, email marketing automation is a necessity. How is this achieved using automation?

What is email automation?

The technique of automatically sending emails to your contacts depending on things that happened during their purchasing experience with your company is known as B2B email automation. These actions could include downloading an app, making a purchase, or even just going to a particular page on your website. Marketers have the ability to craft customized emails that are sent to their target audience based on whether or not they complete a particular task.

By integrating your email marketing tool with your website analytics, you can target individuals based on their past sales, preferences, and activity. After that, you can make each customer’s experience unique and make your automated campaigns more relevant.

Benefits of email automation for your BigCommerce store

Personalized Customer Experience

An B2B email automation technology cannot accomplish personalization on its own. It can only give you the tools like Gritglobal necessary to create a customized experience. However, using email automation strategies will enable you to provide your customers with a customized experience.

Re-establish Contact with Lost Customers

It’s possible that a large number of your email list’s current subscribers no longer make purchases from your company. You can re-engage them and get them back to your store by using email automation.

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You can insert some exclusive deals or promo codes into a customized email. Also, send those emails to clients who haven’t made a purchase in the last two, three, or six months. This will encourage those current clients to come back to your store and make purchases.

Scalable marketing plan

Sending out automated emails allows you to expand your email marketing campaigns. You do not need to confirm that a staff member is available to sign up new users for your mailing list when you have configured your platform to send a message each time a user completes a custom signup form. 

Brand awareness

Businesses can give more information or discounts on past purchases to clients who have already shown interest in what they offer using B2B email automation. It helps current customers become more aware of your brand and motivates them to promote it through word-of-mouth marketing or recommendations.

Boosts income

Email marketing automation allows you to set up many campaigns. Your revenues will gradually rise as a result of these email campaigns’ assistance in boosting sales, attracting repeat business, and word-of-mouth marketing.

One of the best marketing avenues for recovering abandoned carts is email marketing. Additionally, you can use email automation to automate this procedure by setting up simple campaigns for cart recovery. You can remind users to finish their purchases by sending them an email under these campaigns.

Tips for b2b email automation

The following advice will help your new automated email approach function as efficiently as possible:

Understand your email automation objectives

It’s critical to understand what you want from an email automation solution. Determine which email formats the email automation program will automatically generate. For example, you might choose to automate emails for onboarding, welcome, and so on.

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Since you must continue to provide unique material each time you send a newsletter, you may decide to use a semi-automated email technique. The majority of emails sent to customer service can be automated. Nonetheless, there will be consumer inquiries that call for extra care. 

Divide up your email collections

Leads and signups from multiple sources are required. It seems like they joined for different reasons. It’s possible that the clients requiring a seamless onboarding process aren’t utilizing your product for the same purposes. if the characteristics of your leads, signups, and clients differ. It is not appropriate to use an identical B2B email automation campaign for each of them.

It’s critical to appropriately segment your email lists. Sending timely, targeted, and relevant automated emails can be facilitated by segmenting your email lists. 

Ensure that your email appears well on mobile devices

Making sure your email appears well on mobile devices is also crucial. Although it may seem apparent, a lot of businesses neglect to make their emails mobile-friendly, which can lead to clients getting them completely unformatted or without any photos. This will give the impression that you didn’t even give a damn about making sure they had a positive opening experience in their inboxes.

Keep an eye on the campaigns for email automation

Make sure you pay close attention to the B2B email automation campaigns. Make sure the automation isn’t malfunctioning. If you make even one tiny mistake, your entire email marketing automation process could go completely wrong. It could be anything from incorrectly configuring emails for your workflow to an issue with the email marketing automation tool you are utilizing.

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Right time to send emails

You send emails with the intention of getting responses from recipients. Even good messages might become overwhelming if they are sent in excess. Sending an email after a purchase will make recipients feel inundated with information and discourage them from replying.

Sending no more than one email a week is the ideal strategy. That allows individuals to process the information and ensures that it is pertinent without becoming overpowering.


Every business now uses B2B email automation on a regular basis. Various forms of email automation can be configured based on the recipient’s activities, behavior, and schedule. To stay on course, make sure you configure your email automation correctly and adhere to best practices. Gritglobal can assist you in optimizing your revenue and getting the most out of your email marketing solutions. Contact us now!


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