Is BigCommerce the best eCommerce enterprise platform to look out for in 2023?

bigcommerce enterprise

With over 95,000 live sites currently using the BigCommerce system for selling items and processing payments online, there’s strong reason to believe that BigCommerce provides a viable and powerful interface for your eCommerce needs. Our BigCommerce Review covers all of the aspects of this eCommerce platform, from the features to the security and support. From there, we hope you will answer yourself whether or not BigCommerce is the best eCommerce enterprise platform to look out for in 2023.


bigcommerce enterprise

The BigCommerce features all start with the website builder; since it allows for beautiful, responsive designs, without knowing much about web design. Add and manage products without any problems, and accept payments through a wide variety of options.

Customized shipping is a must-have for most vendors, and BigCommerce has all of that. The flexible tax system and dropshipping features ensure that you don’t have to shift around your business model just because of your eCommerce system.

Note: According to readers BigCommerce has been largely unresponsive to feature requests, making it difficult for many customers to justify the cost. For example, many of the features are built for primarily US customers. Which leaves the rest of the world with features that aren’t entirely useful. In addition, customers have complained about useful features getting requested over and over in the forums; but never coming to fruition (like the ability to customize order statuses).

Ease of Use

In terms of startup businesses looking for eCommerce platforms, the first thing companies typically ask about is pricing. After that, the ease of use is almost always the most important area. This makes sense, considering a business person generally doesn’t have the web design or development skills to build a site from scratch or mess around with confusing building processes.

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So, is BigCommerce easy to use?

When you launch your website with BigCommerce they have some nice tutorials and steps to get you started. However, our tests, and the feedback from readers, show that the new Stencil framework from BigCommerce is more friendly for advanced developers. That’s great news for stores that can hire a solid developer. However, non-technical users are finding it difficult to make small tweaks, something that’s necessary for the average inventor or entrepreneur.

Next to Shopify, BigCommerce has the features needed for developers, but it’s not quite there for the average non-techie. The first page you see when landing on the dashboard is a list of steps you should take to complete your store within a few seconds. For example, you can add products, set up shipping settings and manage your tax rates.

After that, the development gets more complex. Apps and integrations help for customization; and website themes are pre-built for making it look like you hired a pro to design your website. However, BigCommerce relies largely on a company called Pixel Union for its themes. They look sleek and modern, but users have suggested that this focus on one designer leaves room for improvement in the uniqueness area. Not only that, but many of our readers have made it clear that it’s easy to find random bugs that generally don’t get fixed.


bigCommerce cross sell

At one point BigCommerce had some competitive pricing that compared pretty well with that of Shopify. However, after numerous emails and comments from our readers, it looks like they have dramatically increased prices for their more successful customers (making more than $125,000 a year in revenue).

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This is a huge blow to both BigCommerce customers and our view on the company as a whole. Sure, you still get some of the fixed prices that we’ll outline below; but once you surpass a certain point in sales you’re going to get slammed with insanely high monthly rates. It’s almost as if BigCommerce is trying to gouge users that make more money, simply because they can.

Refer: Bigcommerce cross sell

Is it Worth It?

The speed and performance of your website come into play for a variety of reasons. First of all, Google and other search engines take your site speed very seriously. The search engines know that your user experience is lessened if the user has to sit around and wait for pages to load. Therefore, a fast site can boost your search engine rankings. Furthermore, your customers are far more likely to stick around and buy something!

Seeing as how speed is so important in today’s competitive eCommerce world, it’s great to see that BigCommerce is now definitely the best performing eCommerce platform you can choose. There are several reasons for this. One, BigCommerce has implemented Google AMP on its platform. This is an open-source framework from Google that stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It increases page load speeds and boosts search engine visibility on your mobile product and category pages.

BigCommerce also has something called the Akamai Image Manager built into its system. All BigCommerce users are able to natively access the image manager. Which automatically optimizes all of the images on your site.

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Above are some reviews and analyses regarding BigCommerce enterprise platform. If you have any questions about this topic then contact us and we will help to figure it out.


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