Packing Slip for Backordered Items

What is a packing slip? 

A packing slip is a document made by the seller that provides the complete list of items included in a package. Buyers should always check the packing slip at the time of delivery to make sure the goods match what is stated inside. 

A packing slip often contains information regarding: 

  • The SKU number
  • Weight and dimension of each item
  • Number of shipping units that need sending out to accurately complete the order

There are several reasons why the packing slip is important for retailers. Firstly, it identifies the accurate count of all items being shipped. This might serve as a quality control method during the inventory fulfillment process to avoid miscalculating product quantity. It also helps customers double-check the package to ensure they receive the correct package. 

How is it different from an invoice?

An invoice is also a document sent by the seller to the buyer. The invoice implies that the seller accepts the terms and agrees to offer the goods or services ordered. However, they are not willing to make any change or negotiate the terms and conditions once the invoice is settled. 

On the one hand, it ensures that the order is paid in time. On the other hand, it is evidence for the delivery of goods or services. 

In this sense, the paper should include: 

  • Name of the seller and buyer
  • Reference to the purchase order
  • Detail about product quantity and pricing
  • Total amount to be paid including discount
  • Specific instructions about the product if needed

The difference between an invoice and a packing slip lies in the type of good and who receives it. The latter is only required if there are physical products being shipped and received for sales, while the former covers both tangible and intangible goods. Furthermore, an invoice should be sent to whoever is responsible for making the payment. This is often the same person that places the order. However, in B2B commerce, it is often the accounting department that transfers the money. It is important not to confuse the invoice receiver. Meanwhile, a packing slip is attached to the package that the customer checks when receiving. 

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Adding BackOrder note on the packing slip

Suppose that a customer orders 5 different products, 2 of which are currently out of stock. Instead of making them wait for a long time, a merchant decides to send 3 items upfront and attach a packing slip stating that 2 others will arrive later. 

In the BackOrder dashboard, go to Setting > Back Order, you’ll find the Order note section. You can customize the note to make it understandable to your customers. 


After this, the order note will be automatically added to the packing slip. 

customized packing slip with backorder note

Final notes

Above is how you can customize your packing slip with BackOrder to inform your customer of the following delivery. Besides this function, BackOrder also allows users to track the total number of the backorder and total backorder items over time to gain a better insight into your performance. We’re running on Free Forever Plan. Check it out!

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