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Top BigCommerce stores Fastfix

About Fastfix

Fastfix is the one-stop solution for all types of Makita tools. The best part is you will get all the tools at a very low cost, in comparison to others. Since 1990 Fastfix has been acting as a tool distributor of Bristol and also an official Makita distributor. It has been above twenty years since Fastfix has been selling Makita power tools online. They have an online store first in the UK, which offers all types of Makita tools under the same roof.

The company sells the Makita tools, accessories, and garden tools with full dedication. As already mentioned, the company is from Bristol, and it’s been over thirty years since the company runs its business so well. If you visit their official home page, you will find that they have multiple tools and their every product range. They have in-depth knowledge of every product.

If you are from the UK and place an order with FastFix, they try to deliver your product within the next day. If you place an order over $99, they will not charge for delivery. You will get all the notifications for your product so that you will stay alert.

Searching for an open and flexible new platform

Earlier, Fastfix used different platform names as Magento. They were bound to move to a new platform because Magento 1 support announced their end of life. That is the main reason Fastfix was looking for something new which can provide support to their business. The situation was quite obvious, which they cannot avoid for a longer period.

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FastFix was going through some growing issues, so they wanted such a system that could set the foundation that they wanted. Also, they want to go further with the technology, which can make them quicker. They need to improve their process. Their back-office processes were very outdated. Magento 2 was also one of the options because they have already used the Magneto 1.

They looked for WooCommerce too, but the cost was a big factor. Though Magneto 2 was a very locked down platform, they were looking for something which was more open and nothing better than BigCommerce.

Migration to BigCommerce

As a package, BigCommerce has a lot more options and features than others. On other platforms, there are many hidden charges which you have to pay. So for FastFix, BigCommerce is the perfect option. The ability to integrate with various systems is also a critical point for the brand. These are a few reasons why they migrated with BigCommerce.

Achievements with a new platform

Fastfix launched its BigCommerce store in 2020 and was able to achieve a five-year-long vision in a short amount of time. Overall, after the migration Fastfix’s online order increased by 15%, and ads conversion rate increased by 29%.

To run the platform, you won’t need any developer. So, all the excess costs will be reduced. Once you use BigCommerce, you will regret why you haven’t used it earlier. No extra hidden cost, only great returns.


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