Customer service tips to maximize satisfaction for backorders

Customer service tips for backorders

Ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount in eCommerce, and one of the crucial customer service tips is to avoid delivering the dreaded news of backordered products. Not only does it result in lost sales for you as a store owner, but it also risks losing customers to your competitors. Proactively managing inventory and keeping customers informed about product availability can help mitigate such situations and foster trust and loyalty in your brand.

Reordering points and reviewing your inventory level are two essential strategies you can implement to avoid any backorder, along with the frustration it brings. Regrettably, no eCommerce business is exempted or immune to backorders. It is an inevitable situation you have to face at one point.

However, understanding how to communicate and respond to customers when your product is out of stock is essential. That communication would determine if your customer base will reduce or increase. To help new eCommerce businesses, here are some customer service tips you can implement to maximize satisfaction during the backorder period.

Pre-emptive communication is key

A key aspect of effective customer service tips is transparent communication, especially in the event of a backorder situation. Displaying expected shipping dates prominently on your website informs potential buyers upfront, fostering trust. Additionally, for customers who’ve already made purchases, promptly updating them on any backorder developments demonstrates respect for their time and investment. Every customer deserves clarity regarding product availability, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.

Immediately you notice or receive information about a backordered product. You need to contact the customer either by email or phone. Whether the situation, provide an estimated date of arrival and keep updating them about their order status.

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Offer to provide a similar product

One of the valuable customer service tips is to proactively offer alternative options to customers facing backorders. Prior to contacting them about the situation, gather information about similar products that may better suit their needs and preferences. Presenting these alternatives, accompanied by photos when possible, empowers customers with choices. While not every customer may embrace this approach initially, providing alternatives demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction and enhances their overall shopping experience.

Offer a partial shipment as an option

In most situations, a backordered product is a collection of different products that a customer has ordered. When this happens, you can offer them the option of making partial shipment of the items to allow you to restock your inventory with BigCommerce Inventory Management.

Depending on your location, this works perfectly well. People who live in the United States are interested and willing to wait for their ordered items. Nevertheless, if the customers live in a different country, they might not consider this option because of the additional shipping costs.

Provide frequent update about backorder status

An indispensable aspect of effective customer service tips is maintaining consistent communication with your customers. Regardless of the news being positive or challenging, providing regular updates on the status of their orders is crucial. This proactive approach not only keeps customers informed but also strengthens their trust in your brand. When customers have confidence in your business, they’re more inclined to patiently await their orders, knowing they’ll receive relevant and frequent updates along the way.

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How BackOrder by GritGlobal on BigCommerce Can Solve Your Stockout Challenges?

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Managing stockouts can be a significant pain point for ecommerce businesses, especially when there is no native backorder support on platforms like BigCommerce. Here’s how our BackOrder app can help:

Never Miss a Sale Due to Stockouts

One of the most frustrating aspects of running an ecommerce store is losing potential sales when products go out of stock. With BigCommerce BackOrder, you can automatically switch products to backorder status the moment inventory levels hit zero. This eCommerce automation ensures continuous sales, maintaining your revenue flow even when items are temporarily unavailable.

Enhance Customer Communication and Satisfaction

Stockouts can lead to customer dissatisfaction if not handled properly. BackOrder allows you to customize notifications, messages, and alerts to keep your customers informed about product availability and expected restock dates. By providing clear and timely information, you can reduce customer frustration and enhance their overall shopping experience.

Streamline Inventory Management

Keeping track of inventory manually can be a hassle and prone to errors. BackOrder integrates seamlessly with your existing IMS/ERP systems, ensuring that all inventory updates are accurately reflected in real-time. This synchronization maintains your IMS/ERP as the single source of truth for inventory management, simplifying your workflow and reducing the risk of overselling.

Flexible Application for Products and Variants

Different products have different needs when it comes to inventory management. BackOrder from Gritglobal offers the flexibility to apply backorder settings not only to entire product lines but also to specific variants, such as different sizes, colors, or materials. This adaptability ensures that all aspects of your inventory can benefit from automate backorder management, tailored to your specific requirements.

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Strategic Inventory Planning

Planning for future inventory needs is crucial to maintaining a smooth operation. BackOrder allows you to set thresholds for backorder quantities, helping you manage how many items can be sold on backorder. This feature, combined with the ability to plan for incoming inventory and set back-in-stock dates, ensures you can meet customer demand without overextending your resources.

By addressing these common pain points, BackOrder provides a comprehensive solution to managing stockouts, enhancing customer satisfaction, and streamlining your ecommerce operations. Explore how BackOrder can transform your business and keep your sales flowing seamlessly, even when inventory runs low.

In conclusion, implementing effective customer service tips is essential for maximizing satisfaction during backorders. By prioritizing transparent communication, offering alternative options, and maintaining consistent updates, businesses can enhance customer experience even in challenging situations. Additionally, leveraging tools like the BigCommerce BackOrder app can streamline backorder management and improve overall efficiency. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and utilizing innovative solutions, businesses can navigate backorder scenarios with confidence, ultimately strengthening customer loyalty and trust in the brand. Contact us now!


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