BackOrder Update. Goodbye Manual Data Entry

backorder product updates

If you’re managing an online store, you should be aware of the negative impacts of out-of-stock products. In case you have yet to fulfill your inventory, BackOrder ensures that your customers can still order an item and receive it a few days later. Over a year of operation, BackOrder has rescued several enterprises from losing […]

How to increase customer trust on eCommerce sites

increase ecommerce trust

Why is eCommerce trust important? Trust keeps changing and it does not take time to rust. Consumers keep looking for reviews from their peers. False reviews are hurting the eCommerce trust, but the bubble awareness filter has dishonored the online recommendations. As a matter of fact, the gain or profitability is high only when customer […]

Proven strategies to increase your eCommerce AOV

Proven strategies to increase your eCommerce AOV

In the eCommerce industry, the main game is all about increasing your revenue. If you were to conduct a survey and ask eCommerce merchants their aim of providing loyalty programs, free or faster shipping, customer service, and marketing efforts, it would surprise you to discover that all of these are geared toward making more money. […]

Customer service tips to maximize satisfaction for backorders

Customer service tips for backorders

No customer wants to receive the news the product they want to buy or thinking of buying is on backorder. It is a two-way thing because for you as a store owner, you lose sales and gift your competitors your customers. It is dreadful news for most customers, and as an eCommerce store owner, you […]

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