Ecommerce API integration – why does it matter?

ecommerce api integration

Along with the development of e-Commerce, API integration is becoming popular in our online business world. It is not surprising because API integration possesses significant powers to strengthen e-Commerce businesses in this competitive context. Therefore, our article today will point out the importance of API integration in e-Commerce operations to help you have a better view of it.

Why Is eCommerce API Integration Important?

Enhance Security 

Ecommerce API integration - why does it matter?

ECommerce stores need to serve several hundreds of customers a day. They also need to nurture long-term relationships with them. Therefore, e-Commerce businesses store a large amount of customer data, including personal information and insights generated from their systems. The API integration can enhance security and keep your data storage safe. Moreover, it can also reduce the risks of data leakage and protect the backend from cyber crimes. Therefore, the business can freely take advantage of customer data without security concerns.

Can Be Applied For Many Applications

Ecommerce API integration - why does it matter?

Connecting various applications is a must to provide customers with the best shopping experience on your eCommerce sites. The synchronization of multiple programs and software can serve the customers in every stage of their journey and give them a smooth and consistent experience. As a product of the service-oriented method, API integration can be reused on different apps so the business can find it easy and convenient to link programs without consuming time and effort.

Moreover, with API integration, the business can connect among application networks as it allows the software to send and receive information in requests and responses. Therefore, the process of sharing information becomes much faster and thus increases the productivity of the whole organization.

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Simple Upgradation

ecommerce api integration

The eCommerce API integration can connect your current system with new platforms without touching the foundation, including the original system. When it is necessary to connect with more complex applications, the developers must write some additional codes to form the connection.

Bring Powerful Performance

Ecommerce API integration - why does it matter?

As we mentioned, people can transact the data and information productively via the software connection. Your eCommerce stores will become much more powerful as they can respond to and solve the issues in seconds. Therefore, the customers will receive what they look forward to in a moment with a simple click. Moreover, faster information delivery will result in accurate real-time notification and immediate updates, contributing to smooth operation and lubricant selling activities. For example, API integration can update the newest inventory status on the product pages, which helps the customers know the exact stock status and avoid buying unavailable items, especially in the hot seasons.

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An example of a BigCommerce app, BackOrder, allows API integration with any BigCommerce stores to sync inventory data updates to any integrated ERP. Allowing your product to be back ordered means you ask your customer to purchase it in advance. Nothing is shipped to the customer until the items are back in stock. If there are other items in the same order available; they may be shipped out to the customer first. Therefore, the perfect solution to save out-of-stock revenue, BackOrder, can be synced to streamline the workflow between the ERP system.


It is undeniable that eCommerce API integration provides various outstanding functions for both business operation and customer experience. Having eCommerce API integration in your system will ensure your consistent operation, optimize staff productivity and utilize all the applications in your systems. We hope you can confidently take advantage of this to improve your business performance and keep it best.

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