Proven best practices for B2B eCommerce

Proven best practices for B2B eCommerce

To improve your B2B eCommerce revenues and profits, you may need to usually enhance and upgrade your strategies and apply best practices in operation over time. Don’t worry if you currently do not have any idea about boosting effectiveness in B2B eCommerce operations. You can find them in our article today. 

Most Effective Approaches For B2B eCommerce

Enhance Website Quality

It can not be denied that all the buying and selling activities take place in all your B2B eCommerce. So the website quality plays a vital role in forming the shopping experience of customers. To improve it, you may need to upgrade from the back ends that speed up the loading velocity and reduce mistakes when running. Moreover, you need to update all the apps and tools on your website to the latest version to easily take advantage of their functions and make them possible to be compatible with your website.

Diversify Payment Methods

Payment is the final step in the B2B eCommerce ordering process that you need to simplify for customers to easily finish their order placing. If you target the international segment, you may need to allow customers to pay via various international payment gates. And these should be picked carefully with high security and short procedure. On the other hand, if you want to focus on the domestic ones, you may need to pay attention to utilizing prevailing payment methods, including the traditional and new ones.

With Magento, you can find an all-in-one solution for B2B stores with the Magento B2B platform. It supports various types of common B2B payment and makes manual processes becomes automatic with technology. Check it out here:

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Speed Up Ordering Process

The cart abandonment rate will increase to a sky-high level if the B2B eCommerce ordering process is too complicated. You can take advantage of some quick order applications to help you shorten and simplify the ordering process as well. Those applications can optimize the product’s searching process. This is because they allow customers to find them by keywords or uploading CSV files. Moreover, those tools can optimize your product pages. They also allow customers to adjust the number of products for each order instead of collecting manually.

Manage Inventory

Inventory management is always a crucial task in B2B eCommerce. Besides some familiar approaches such as demand forecasting, reporting, and mutual access to various channels, you may need to plan for out-of-stock status in hot seasons. BackOrder can be the appropriate approach in that case. If you use the BigCommerce platform, you can take advantage of BackOrder to allow customers to place orders although they are unavailable. The customers can still make orders and receive them at a later date. Find out more here:

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Pay Attention To Frauds

When your business expands, you may deal with a lot of problems. These include arising mistakes and frauds so you need to prepare the system to check and inspect. For example, Atom8 on BigCommerce and Shopify platform can categorize orders and sort them with pre-set filters, then it can add notes to notify the staff about potential fraudulent orders


The best practices for B2B eCommerce include practical and familiar approaches that are easy for business runners to apply to real context and make improvements for eCommerce operation and strategies.


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