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Kinsta shows that emails containing the word eCommerce “newsletters” in the subject line see an average open rate of 24 percent—significantly better than the overall average email available rate of 18 percent. Even more impressively, they achieve an average click-through rate of 7.6 percent, which is three times higher than the average for all types of email. But email newsletters don’t just drive opens and clicks. This article will show you impressive tips for turning mere eCommerce newsletters into sales. 

Draw Inspiration From Awareness Days and Events

The most difficult thing about running an eCommerce newsletters is the commitment it requires.

You’ve sent your first ever newsletter, which says: “Hi, this is our first-ever newsletter. Thanks for signing up.” So what are you meant to say next? How will you find the inspiration to send one of these things every month (or even every week)?

One smart approach is to reference major events and awareness days that tie into your company’s mission and your audience’s priorities.

There are awareness days for anything you can imagine—National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, anyone?—so it’s guaranteed you’ll find something relevant.

Provide Expert Advice on Your Niche

Whatever products you sell or market you serve, you’re an expert on something.

Your audience might turn to you for advice on the hottest new fashion trends, the latest tech announcements, or the most desirable beauty products.

Newsletters are an excellent way to demonstrate your credentials as a thought leader, either by highlighting the high-quality content on your blog or by providing in-depth advice in the email itself.

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Mattress and bedding brand Tuft & Needle chooses to present itself as an expert on all things sleep-related. In one email, it offers subscribers many useful tips on enjoying a better night’s sleep. And in another, it discusses the issue of “sleep debt” and incorporates a call to action into its blog content:

Admittedly, it’s not a massive leap for a bedding brand to write about sleep. But it’s still a smart tactic, with almost half of all Americans saying they feel sleepy during the day between three and seven days per week.

The key here is to identify an area of expertise that closely aligns with your business and products. It is of interest to key segments of your audience (or, ideally, your entire audience).

Offer (Personalized) Product Inspiration

Newsletters are rarely about going for the “hard sell.” But you’re a business, so naturally, you want to reference your products as often as possible.

One of the most natural and engaging ways to do this is to offer your audience curated recommendations on how to tap into a specific trend or style.

Home decor business One Kings Lane shows us what this looks like by demonstrating how its customers can create their own Southern California-style living room:

Of course, that creates an obvious opportunity to incorporate a “Shop Now” CTA to highlight relevant products.

Suppose you can bring an element of personalization to your product curation emails, all the better. Google data shows that 61 percent of consumers expect brands to tailor experiences based on their preferences. At the same time, Forrester Research found that up to 36 percent of shoppers feel retailers should offer more personalized experiences.

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Tea brand Sencha Tea Bar (formerly Cup & Leaf) has found a super smart way to share tailored product recommendations.

When it comes to personalization, people would usually think it would take lots of time and understanding regarding client shopping habits. That is why Order Booster will be the right app solution for you. The name booster is already easy enough to understand that the app aims to improve your order in terms of quantity and quality. Order Booster will then collect data to make personalized recommendations by following client shopping habits via their touchpoint.

Show Customers You Care

It’s easy for consumers to feel underappreciated.

Without them, brands wouldn’t exist. Yet often, all they get in return is an endless stream of emails urging them to BUY NOW.

It pays to remind your customers that you genuinely have their best interests. But how do you do that?

It could be simple as introducing your audience to a useful feature or service they might not be aware of. It could be a little more complex, such as this email newsletter from Bed Bath & Beyond highlights a new measure designed to protect customers shopping online.

Bed Bath & Beyond is a pretty sure thing here because security is a persistent concern for online shoppers.

Research from NTT Application Security reveals that just 58 percent of consumers believe their data is protected online. In comparison, 26 percent have suffered identity or credit card theft after making an online purchase.

But even if you’re certain customers will love your latest feature consider running an eCommerce survey. It is important to gauge demand before you get started.

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After all, you’re trying to sell to these people, not become their best friends. The answer is simple—engaged customers are your best customers. If you need an application that can help you with repetitive tasks that can take lots of your time, refer to Atom8. Atom8 can help you automatedly send eCommerce newsletters and email to certain people or receivers you want. All you need to do is initially set up. The app will do the rest.

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