Ecommerce Holiday Automation: Best Automation Method Can Increase Work Efficiency

Ecommerce holiday automation

The e-commerce business always looks forward to the holiday to gain more revenue and attract more customers. However, dealing with the high demand is not a simple issue. There are several tasks that the e-commerce stores need to prepare for the holiday to keep the work efficiency and get the expected results. Today we will show you some eCommerce holiday automation methods that you can take action on holiday and increase the productivity of your stores.

Make Your Holiday Sales Greate With Our Ecommerce Holiday Automation Approaches

Control The Inventory

Ecommerce Holiday Automation: Best Automation Method Can Increase Work Efficiency

Facing the sky-high demand is not easy. To avoid unexpected situations such as out-of-stock or overselling, e-Commerce businesses should take serious actions to control the inventory. At first, the e-commerce stores need to plan for the stock levels via analyzing and forecasting. The higher number of safety stocks, the fewer out-of-stock situation. You can rely on their previous year selling data to conduct the analysis. Moreover, you can use automation integration to connect the selling activity and inventory management to ensure a thorough and smooth operation. Also, to back up for overselling situations, BackOrder on the BigCommerce platform is also a wise choice to rescue your revenues from out-of-stock items.

Ask For Customer Feedback

Ecommerce automation

Customer reviews are valuable, trustworthy, and insight-driven product descriptions that the eCommerce stores can display on the product page to persuade their customers. While the customer usually hesitates among various products during the holiday, positive customer reviews will motivate them to get the items. There are several ways to ask for their feedback, but one of the most powerful approaches is giving them incentives such as discounts or freeship for the next order. You can allow the customers to provide feedback on their store’s accounts or via email marketing.

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Personalize Customer Experience

Automate customer experience

To strengthen customer experiences, personalization is a must-have approach to your eCommerce holiday automation list. The main purpose of this measure is to make customers feel easier to get what they are looking for and be satisfied with the features. To personalize effectively, the eCommerce stores need to take advantage of automation apps such as Atom8 to track customer behaviors, including their recent views, last orders, lifetime spending, and so on, to form a set of customer data. Then, the businesses can use different eCommerce applications to build personalized approaches based on the data, such as product recommendations and email marketing.

Invest In Email Marketing

Automate ecommerce email

How can you notify customers about your promotions and new products during the holiday? Email marketing is a direct way to deliver your personalized messages. To avoid disturbing customers with hundreds of emails during the peak seasons, you should rely on their preferences to send the related information by eCommerce automation. Sending useful notifications will help stores get higher conversion rates and more subscribers. 

Rewards Customers Through Loyalty Programs

Ecommerce Holiday Automation: Best Automation Method Can Increase Work Efficiency

It could be a mistake to ignore customer rewards in the list of eCommerce holiday automation. eCommerce businesses can utilize automation to follow up on customer purchases, accumulate member points, and give them tips whenever they reach new milestones. Moreover, to boost sales on holidays, eCommerce stores can add more rewards for those who achieve the new membership level.


Preparing for the holiday is always tough. We hope you can find some ideas to take advantage of eCommerce holiday automation and gain huge revenues for the upcoming holidays.

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