Top items to sell on 2021 Black Friday

Top items to sell on 2021 Black Friday

In such great shopping events that happen yearly as Black Friday, every hot product sold runs out pretty quickly. Therefore, researching and preparing a large amount of inventory for 2021 Black Friday (Starting on 26 November 2021) will be a money-making tactic for any retailer. First, look at the list of the most searched products in 2020 Black Friday globally, by Statista:

Based on the data, do you recognize what kind of products can retailers expect during Black Friday 2021? Our blog will help your business prepare for this event better!

The most popular Black Friday items to sell

1. Tech products for sure!

The chance of tech products entering the list of the top most-searched items on Black Friday is undeniably high. For example, Apple iPhone, with the premiere of iPhone 13 currently, Black Friday will be one of the most considerable things to be in a warehouse with huge quantities. Others can be Apple Airpods and iPads, even Nintendo and Sony gaming consoles! They should continue running out of stock in minutes during Black Friday this year!

2. Jewelry

We are now talking about Pandora jewelry, which is known for being expensive. This is the reason why the release of Black Friday deals with 20-30% price off, it will be a good occasion for people to buy. A ring for other jewelry companies!

3. Household appliances might not be as hot as in 2020

Dyson – a company that specializes in household appliances was mentioned a lot in 2020 Black Friday. The hottest Dyson items in this period were air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. During the COVID-19 era, people stay more at home and some experts claim that air purifiers can prevent COVID-19. Alleviate this concern, as well as the fact that the product is expensive, this was the point that Dyson’s air purifier was on the list of most popular Black Friday items due to promotional offers. The same situation occurred with their vacuum cleaner. In 2021, the COVID-19 situation has changed, resulting in the percentage of people working and staying at home reducing, household appliances demand might decrease quantity of selling in this event.

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4. Shoes will be one of considerable category

Like other basic items that stick with you every day and emphasize your lifestyle, the demand for shoes is very high. That’s why shoes are the category retailers should consider inventing large quantities in stock. Vans is the most mentioned shoe brand in 2020 Black Friday thanks to its simple but trending look from time to time. Other brands like Adidas, Nike, Converse… should be in the list of more inventory than normal.

Get customer purchases even while your products are “out of stock”

To avoid products running out of stock before the high demand is still there, we already listed for you a few items fields that you should prepare more to sell. Though, in some cases, it’s hard to avoid being out of stock. With unexpectedly high demand, your business might not have enough financial resources to import goods in large quantities, or even manufacturers don’t have enough goods in quick response.

Good news! If you are a Bigcommerce merchant, the BackOrder app on the platform can help your business without worrying about inventory. It works by allowing you to set the backorder status for products. Customers can purchase items as normal, and items will be dispatched to customers when in stock. Your business will not worry about sold-out items anymore!register for demo


It is very important to have enough products Black Friday items in stock to prepare for this large shopping festival or to have a backup plan in case of a goods shortage. We hope our blog will help your business boost profit and customer satisfaction in this shopping event!

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